NY Times Paycheck not what it used to be

James Freeman is assistant editor of The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page and writer of the weekday Best of the Web column. He is the co-author of “Borrowed Time: Two Centuries of Booms, Busts and Bailouts at Citi,” recognized as a New York Times Editors’ Choice and a Financial Times Business Book of the Month. … Read more

What’s the matter with Arkansas?

William McGurn is a member of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial staff and writes the weekly “Main Street” column for the Journal every Tuesday. Previously, he served as Chief Speechwriter for President George W. Bush. Mr. McGurn has served as editor-in-chief of The Wall Street Journal in New York. He spent more than a decade … Read more

India’s BJP is the world’s most important party

It combines market economics, traditionalist values ​​and populist rhetoric.

Notable and Notable: DeSantis, Bragg and Trump

Opinion Comment Notable and quoted ‘The Soros district attorneys are a menace to society and I’m just glad I’m the only governor in the country to actually remove one from office during my tenure.’

Want to prevent meltdowns SVB-style? Scrap Dodd-Frank

Stress tests have made the banking system less diverse and resilient, especially in the face of regulatory failures.

China wins if Russia conquers Ukraine

The war is not a ‘territorial dispute’. Vital American interests are at stake.

Unemployment is low, welfare high. What gives?

At least $1.4 trillion in pandemic payments were ignored for means-tested benefits.

Bernie Sanders holds a Moderna exhibition process

The Vermont socialist is upset that the company can make money off its Covid vaccine.

Barney Frank was right about Signature Bank

Opinion Review and Outlook FDIC all but confirms it closed bank over crypto.

Biden’s first veto preserves an ESG rule

The president overrules a congressional resolution protecting pensions from politicized investments