Zendaya tells Tom Holland Euphoria season 2 cameo rumors

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For all the anxiety, drama, and general worrying behavior that went down in season 2 of Euphoriathere has been a nagging question that consumed the fans: Did it Spider-Man’s Does Tom Holland have a cameo during a scene in the second season of the hit series? Zendaya was asked about the mystery, but she played things pretty invitingly.

During an interview with Access Hollywood, Zendaya was asked about the cameo, as some eagle-eyed fans say they saw. Although Zendaya could give us a definitive answer, the actress chose to respond rudely to all the rumbling by saying: “Could be. Could be true. Can neither confirm nor deny. The world may never know.”

Holland really visited Zendaya on the set while filming season 2, and fans are sure to see the actress in episode 7, “The Theater and It’s Double.” During the episode, a play takes place and the camera makes frequent pans over the audience. During one of the scenes, fans noticed an actor sitting close to his back who looked like Holland. The scene is very fast, though some fans captured screenshots and speculated about the matter on Twitter after the episode aired. You can see a picture of the scene below, and be sure to look in the top left corner to see if you catch sight of the actor, many say is Tom Holland.

Do you think Tom Holland had a cameo during season 2 of Euphoria?


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