Yemeni Defense Minister Emphasizes Development of Intelligence and Reconnaissance Service

Today, Sunday, Yemeni Defense Minister Lieutenant General Muhammad Ali Al-Maqdashi chaired an extended meeting of the Ministry of Defense’s intelligence and reconnaissance authority and its affiliated departments in the temporary capital, Aden.

The Minister of Defense heard from the head of the military intelligence and reconnaissance authority, Major General Ahmed Mohsen Al-Yafei, an explanation of the progress of the work in the light of current developments.

The Secretary of Defense urged leaders to “redouble their efforts to develop performance in line with plans that keep pace with developments, modern technology and the unusual circumstances the country is experiencing,” and convey to them greetings from the president and members of the president’s leadership. Council, and emphasizes the need to work tirelessly “to increase the efficiency of security and intelligence services and to qualify and train their members and the elements that work with them.”

Al-Maqdashi said: “The move requires the intelligence service to carry out the tasks entrusted to it, efficiently and effectively, and to increase the integration and coordination between the various intelligence and security services in order to exchange information and experience in order to protect national security, prevent conspiracies, deter enemies and reveal their plans. “

The Minister of Defense added: “The intelligence service has an important role to play in maintaining the security and stability of the country and represents the cornerstone on which the military institution depends in order to maintain its cohesion and unity,” explaining that “the fight for information and security is no less important “The battlefield and operational decisions depend to some extent. It is essential on intelligence and reconnaissance assessments,” stresses that “operational decisions depend on the intelligence apparatus’ success in monitoring and tracking the enemy’s movements and penetrating its ranks and fortifications. “

Al-Maqdashi explained that “the leadership of the Ministry of Defense is working to develop cooperation and partnership with brothers and friends in the field of security and information exchange,” and noted “the coalition’s efforts to support legitimacy led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE in support of Yemen , its leadership and armed forces. “

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