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“Ya Lovers”, Tariq Al-Menhalis sang on Eid

Emirati artist Tariq Al-Menhali launched his new song, “Ya Mohebi”, on his official YouTube channel. Al-Menhali’s song is characterized by its classic romantic character. Through it, he congratulated his fans and followers on the days of Eid Al-Fitr.

«O lovers» Menhali vision, and the words of d. Mana bin Saeed Al-Otaiba, composed by the Jordanian artist and composer Hossam Al-Sheikh and distributed by Muhammad Al-Qahoum, under the supervision of the artist Fadi Al-Sari, while the video was directed by Talal Al-Zaabi and wrote the Arabic calligraphy of the poem by calligrapher Aref Al-Zubaidi.

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