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X-ray is published by Eddike Syndrom on a double bill with Schizoid as a 4K + Blu-ray set on April 26, 2022. Special Features:

3-disc set: Two 4K Ultra HDs and 1 Region A Blu-ray
4K UHDs presented in High-Dynamic-Range
Newly scanned and restored in 4K from their 35mm original camera negatives
“Shooting by March” – a brand new interview with Schizoid author / director David Paulsen
“Hide the Scissors” – a brand new interview with Schizoid actress Donna Wilkes
“Blood in the Jacuzzi” – a brand new interview with schizoid makeup artist Erica Ueland
“A Wellesley Graduate” – a brand new interview with Schizoid actress Flo Lawrence
“Ultra Violet Vengeance: The Talent & Technicians of X-Ray” – a brand new production of documentary with interviews with the cast and crew on X-Ray
“Bad Medicine” – an archive interview with X-Ray director Boaz Davidson
Original cinema trailer for Schizoid
Interior cover artwork
English SDH subtitles

Here is our previous coverage of this trashy slasher:

“You have nothing to fear … before they operate!”
X-ray is a 1981 American slasher horror film about a young woman who fends off a psychopath who has been pursuing her past for nineteen years.

Directed by Boaz Davidson based on a script by Mar Bhem based on Davidson’s story. Produced by The Cannon Group (Schizoid, Life force).

Also published as Hospital massacre and Section 13. The recording title was Be my valentine… or something!

A girl named Susan Jeremy was adored by all the boys at her school. However, there was one boy, Harold, who took it too far. He sent Susan love notes constantly and asked her to be his girlfriend.

Eventually, when he was rejected for another boy named David and mocked on Valentine’s Day, Harold decides he’s had enough. After breaking into Susan’s house, he kills David by breaking his neck on a hanger and running off and laughing manically.

hospital massacres 5

Now, nineteen years later, Mrs. Jeremy (Barbi Benton) seems to have forgotten the murder and, more importantly, Harold. However, Harold has not forgotten Susan.

When Susan is sent to her local hospital for a “routine check,” she discovers that someone does not want her to go. A masked killer disguised as a surgeon pursues her and murders anyone who gets in his way …

X-ray 1

x-ray + schoizoid scream factory blu-ray disk cover

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“Davidson does not miss a cliché and reinforces the scares to a level that encourages mockery. Still, I have not had so much fun with a movie in eternity, and if you’re looking for more unintentional laughs than scaring and looking for a movie to mock, X-ray is exactly what the doctor ordered. “Is not that fat

“The kills are pretty inventive, but with a few notable exceptions, the film is pretty light on many that take place right outside the camera’s sight, resulting in a ‘tasteful’ blood splatter. And you do not care about anyone in this movie except Benton. People are just being kicked out every ten minutes or so to be discarded with bone saws and the like. “Retro Slashers

X-ray killer

“Now I’m not saying I did not like this obscure effort. I actually think it’s a lot of fun if you’re in the right mood (or very drunk). But everything from Arlon Ober’s score (which at times sounds like a cat pointing its claws at a violin) to the performance (not so much bad actors trying to be good, as bad actors trying to be … yes, bad) makes this appear rather comical. ” A slash over …


X-ray is so resolutely silly, with a series of so blatantly ridiculous sequences that it seems as if the film might have been meant as a comedy. I know I could not help but laugh. “Blu-ray.com

Ask My Valentine or Else X-ray Hospital Massacre

hospital-massacre-x-ray posterBarbi Benton replaced Jill St. John – courtesy of Schlock Temple:


Hospital massacre


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