X-Men star open to repeated MCU role

How the X-Men joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe is something that has been on the minds of fans ever since Disney was announced to buy 20th Century Fox. Will the original actors from the Fox movies repeat their roles, or will new actors play mutants resident in MCU?

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness may or may not explain how the X-Men joins the Marvel Studios mega-franchise, but the appearance of Sir Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier is certainly a big tease.

One of the prominent characters from the first couple X men film was Mystique, with her strikingly scaly blue skin and tricky nature. She was played by Rebecca Romijn.

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Talking to ScreenRantthe actress was asked if she would be open to sitting in the makeup chair and repeating the role as part of the MCU.

“Of course, absolutely!” she said. “I do not know if they still wanted me, but I loved playing that character. I loved that cast so much. It was an incredible experience. Yes, I would be open to that. Absolutely.”

So far, Romijn is part of another long-running franchise through his role in Star Trek: Strange New Worldsanother prequel The original series who sees her play a role originating in a scrapped pilot from the 1960s.

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Speaking of his character Number One / Una Chin-Riley, Romijn said: “It’s just been really fun to elaborate on her. The writers came up with an amazing development for her, which they hovered over for me quite early when they thought it was an incredible layer to work into the character.

“That layer will really be explored throughout the series. We are well into season 2 [now]and we keep exploring that aspect of her. “

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is set to debut on Paramount + in the US on May 5th. A British TV station and broadcast date are currently unknown. Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness to be released on May 5, 2022.

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