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X-Men Need to Evolve for the MCU


In the comics, the Krakow Resurrection Protocols are a clever story beat that involved a wealth of interesting ideas, several of which have been expertly followed up by Hickman and Leinil Yu on the pages of X men and by Vita Ayala, Rod Reis and Danilo Beirut on the pages of New mutants. For those of you who are not into it, here is a quick overview:

Mutants can no longer die. Or to be exact, they able to die, but the X-Men have a way of bringing them back. Professor X makes weekly backups of each mutant consciousness and stores it in Cerebro, while Mister Sinister has a DNA library of almost every mutant ever. When a mutant dies, they go into the resurrection queue; Goldballs make an egg of biological substance with its mutant power; reality warper and Moira’s son Proteus use his powers to make the egg viable; the mutant’s DNA is injected into the egg, and then Elixir uses its power to initiate cellular reproduction; Eva Bell uses her time-manipulating ability to let the egg mature; and Hope Summers uses her power facial expressions to smooth out everyone else’s talents. Then the mutant hatches and Professor X recovers their consciousness from a backup. And voila! Cyclops is alive again.

Some mutants use this to get back exactly as they left – Cyclops still need its visor to control its powers; Wolverine still has its adamantium skeleton; Karma still has its mechanical leg. Others, like Cosmar, use this resurrection ability to match their physical appearance to their self-image.

There’s no reason to tie characters so closely to actors anymore. If an actor decides not to renew a contract, the resurrection protocols provide a very simple, universal explanation for changes in appearance. So good news, we do not need any CGI Hugh Jackmans to keep Wolverine around MCU. I hope.


The X-Men universe is full of gray (GET IT LIKE JEAN?), But that does not mean it is completely devoid of actual villains. And the line is not really that hard to distinguish: there are people who do bad things for good reasons, people who do good things for bad, and giant shitheads who invade and occupy foreign lands because they are an old Cold War. megalomaniac.

There is nothing wrong with getting crooks to make a point. It DEFINITELY leads to villains becoming anti-heroes: Apocalypse is good now! Magneto is a hero for the children of Krakoa! But the process by which you distinguish an antihero from an actual villain takes much more time than the MCU has been willing to invest. Moira MacTaggert’s bow took, conservatively, 35 numbers to pay off, but when it did in Hell, it was WONDERFUL. The same for Nimrod, relocated as a terrifying, at times very funny and slightly tragic villain, or Omega Sentinel, transformed into possibly the mutant’s biggest enemy over three years and 50 numbers.

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