Wythenshawe’s father sent a wallet seven years after he lost it in the cab

Andy Evans, 45, of Wythenshawe, who had his purse sent back to him nearly seven years after losing it in a taxi Credit: BUT

The purse was exactly as Andy Evans had left it, including his pile of obsolete fives and twenties (Photo: MEN Media)

A father who lost a wallet full of cash seven years ago has finally got it back – including banknotes.

Andy Evans, 45, left his wallet containing his driving license, bank card and £ 134 in cash in a taxi as he traveled back from watching The Courteeners in June 2015.

Father-of-two flagged the black minibus taxi down outside Heaton Park in north Manchester. He had no idea which company it belonged to, so he had no way of contacting the driver.

He assumed it was gone forever when he realized it was not in his jeans pocket shortly after he got out of the cab in Wythenshawe.

But no less than 83 months later, he received a package arrived with a mailbook, which contained his purse, just as he had left it all those years ago.

The brown Henri Lloyd purse was completely undisturbed and had all the cash still inside with the banknotes folded that Andy had put them in.

Unfortunately, they are now so old that some of the banknotes and coins are no longer in circulation.

Andy Evans, 45, of Wythenshawe, who had his purse sent back to him nearly seven years after losing it in a taxi Credit: BUT

Andy Evans did not think he would ever see that purse again (Photo: MEN Media)

The purse contained two old-fashioned twenty-pound banknotes that can still be used, but Andy will have to take the old 5 and 10 pound banknotes and old pound coins to the bank to be exchanged.

Andy’s bank card expired five years ago. “I just could not believe it,” he said. “I thought ‘it can not be’. Seven years? No one I have told can believe it either.

‘I texted my brother right away when he had to lend me money at night so I could stay out and keep partying so he remembered and he’s nonsense too.

The package had an email address on the envelope that Andy wrote to and thanked them for returning it.

He received a reply that the wallet had been ‘found in an old taxi’.

The message, simply signed ‘Manchester Taxi Driver’, said: ‘7 years… ..Wow. The purse was found in an old taxi and looked untouched. I hope all belongings are there. Go to a bank to get the money updated and enjoy it. All the best.’

Andy added: ‘It looks like it’s been sitting there stuck under the seat or something all along, even at the sound of it, after this taxi got out of the way.

‘It’s like Robinson Crusoe or something. A message in a bottle that comes back years later. You could not write it. ‘

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