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Woman in Florida is accused of child abuse after viral video

A Florida woman is behind bars after a disturbing viral video caught her abusing her one-year-old daughter. Tuesday morning, 23-year-old Tya Posley was arrested at her home by Sanford police after receiving word of the video on her Instagram story, according to News 6 WKMG. In the heartbreaking video, Tya can be heard telling the infant: “Your father wants to write something right, he wants to write a post and not answer the damn phone. You hate your a **,” before hitting the child in the face and on the back.

When the officer arrived at Tia’s home, they were initially there to perform a wellness check on the child. Reports say that although they could not see any physical bruises on the child, they were able to identify the one-year-old as the victim captured in the video. In addition, they were able to confirm that Tya was the woman who beat the child. Social media has responded to the video, calling for the mother to be held accountable.

One person tweeted: “This Tya Lynn girl needs to be arrested right away and she needs to lose all custody of her baby. You need to be a different kind of evil to hurt a child.” Ari Fletcher also shared his contempt for the young mother, tweeting: “During prison, thank you. God, please protect that baby! This is disgusting. So sad how ah * e they want to make kids with a ni ** a. “

Tya is currently being held in the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department and is facing a charge of child abuse cruelty without major bodily harm. She is being held on a $ 2,000.00 bail and is scheduled to appear in court on June 7. At this point, the little girl who suffered the abuse is in the custody of Child Protective Services (CPS).

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