Will Warner Brothers Discovery End Arrowverse?

Discovery has acquired Warner Brothers and made it clear that they want to make some changes in the DC Universe. Does that mean the end of the arrow pliers?

Warner Bros. has recently been acquired by Discovery and renamed Warner Brothers Discovery. With new owners at the helm, fans expect to see some big changes for Warner Bros. properties like the DC Extended Universe. Discovery has made it clear that they are disappointed with how many DC characters have been handled and that they are looking to make more films like Joker. Some fans are wondering if that also means Warner Brothers Discovery will end the aging Arrowverse and build something new instead.

Arrowverse started back in 2012 then Arrow premiered on The CW. Since then, the interconnected TV universe has grown rapidly and has continuously added new shows and heroes. At one point, Arrowverse spanned at least six shows and included countless heroes. After shows customized Crisis on infinite lands and Arrow came to an end, some fans have claimed that Arrowverse has gone downhill. As the new owners of Warner Brothers look closely at how they use their DC assets, and the brand has been in the air for a full decade, it will be interesting to see if Arrowverse continues to survive or finally quits.

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Arrowverse has been slowly eroding for a few years. Super girl ended, Lightning rumored to have a shortened last season, and Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow yet to be renewed. Although there is still a large fan base for the programs, it is getting harder and harder to continue with their narrative formula. Audiences are evolving, and so is the landscape of superhero TV. Would like to show Founder of Peace has proven audiences want more out of their shows than just the “villain of the week” storytelling model, and Arrowverse star Katie Cassidy recently said the franchise needs a shake-up.

All this on top of the Discovery / Warner Bros. merger could signal the end of Arrowverse. The delay in renovating some of the properties makes some fans nervous, and Discovery, wanting a fresh start with DC, only adds to the excitement. With movies like Batman seeking to develop their own television universes, it’s harder for DC to continue to justify Arrowverse’s existence. The broadcasts are older, they are not cheap to make, and they do not follow what is happening elsewhere in television and movies.

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As Warner Brothers Discovery tries to keep building the DC movie brand, the company may want to use some of these characters in future movies or even other TV shows. They could quit the CW programs so that the characters could switch to a new format and to avoid any brand confusion. Wiping the board clean would be the simplest way to ensure a fresh start for all DC characters and properties, though it would raise the question of what happens to the network.

Discovery has clearly stated that they want to make changes with the DC Entertainment assets. This may involve reviving characters that the existing shows have left to languish, or taking characters in different directions from their Arrowverse versions. With Arrowverse, which fans knew has been slower for the past many years, as series have ended and new spinoffs have failed, the best thing to do is perhaps to move on.

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