Why The Quarry’s Ted Raimi Loves To Be “The Horror Guy”

Like Until Dawn, The quarry follows an ensemble of characters as they struggle to survive deadly stalkers and various other threats. The fate of nine camp counselors is in the hands of the player, and the story branches out into wildly different narrative paths depending on decisions made at crucial moments. It’s a familiar formula for fans of Supermassive’s work with fun additions as a customizable movie mode (where you do not take direct control of the characters, but can adjust their behavioral tendencies to influence the plot as it unfolds by itself). Your choices can ultimately ensure that most of the game’s characters survive, that most of them die, or almost any other outcome that falls between these two extremes unfolds instead.

Along with Raimi on screen is an ensemble cast of undulating young actors and film veterinarians. David Arquette, Ethan Suplee and Lance Henriksen give their experience to the production, with fresh faces like Skyler Gisondo, Brenda Song and Ariel Winter rounding out the main group of unhappy teenagers. In fact, Raimi really enjoyed performing in front of his younger colleagues.

“Miles Robbins is a really interesting actor and you can just feel that Justice Smith is passionate about what he does,” he says in admiration of his teammates. “There’s this new generation of young actors, but the interesting thing is that in my time, actors mostly stayed within the genres they started in. That’s how it went. If you made a few romantic movies, you were the romantic guy or girl.Now actors tend to do everything.They can make horror, romance, thriller and sci-fi.But back then in my time it was not like that.I have become a ‘horror guy’ that I love , because I love the genre.But I’m kind of the last of a race.I do not know if all these young actors, who are all amazing, will stick to the horror, but I guess we’ll find out. ”

The advantage of being imbued with horror movies for so long is that you know good material when reading it, and Raimi knew early on that the script was something he could put his teeth into. His character, Travis, is possibly a police officer in a horror scenario. , but Raimi immediately noticed that his dialogue was not as stylized as he expected it to be.

“After being in police shows before as murderers and sexual deviants, I waited for banal lines like ‘Book’ em! ‘ and ‘Keep your mouth shut until the trial!’ “Raimi explains.” But none of that was in this script. This character has a life outside of being a cop, which is what good writing recognizes. After reading a few lines, I knew the story would be something else. I was right, but I can not tell you why, because I wanted to give something away. But I can tell you that my character maximizes the horror in many of the scenes I’m in. “

For Raimi, the quality of the authorship gave him the belief that the game would be a worthy addition to his resume.

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