Why ‘One Cut of the Dead’ is a bloody love letter to low-budget cinema

Why ‘One Cut of the Dead’ is a bloody love letter to low-budget cinema


By Meg Shields · Published April 22, 2022

Welcome to The Queue – your daily distraction from curated video content downloaded from across the web. Today we see a video essay that takes a look at the cheap love letter for indie movies, One Cut of the Dead.

It’s impossible to really dig into what’s doing One Cut of the Dead so amazing without giving up his big secret. As you may have heard from the trusted horror addict in your life, Ueda Shin’ichirô 2017 zombie comedy is one of those movies where you have to “hold it out” to get a sense of what makes it great. And not knowing the details of that trick is not something I intend to deny anyone. So consider this as your first and last warning: spoilers ahead.

One Cut of the Dead begins with a 37-minute single take that will surely test the patience of even the most forgiving horror fan. First of all, I’ve been known to apologize for all kinds of low-budget harassment, from horrible ADR to “bless your heart” special effects. But when I started this critically acclaimed indie darling up, I can not say that a clumsy, amateurish long roof was what I had expected. It is only deep into it that you start to get hints that something else is on the way, with mistakes and choices that seem to hide something bigger taking place off-screen.

Soon enough (and by “soon” I mean, about 40 minutes later), we’ll be let in One Cut of the Dead‘s secret. In the second half of the film, we get to see why and how the film-in-film was created. At the same time, a comedy of error and a humorous ode to the persistence and persistence of low-budget filmmaking, One Cut of the Dead is both a love letter and a technical exercise that only reveals its brilliance to the patient viewer.

The show must go on. And sometimes that show has to contend with mistakes, happy accidents and everything in between.

See “One Cut Of The Dead – The Tenacity Of Low Budget Filmmaking”:

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