Westworld’s Jeffrey Wright offers hope ahead of season finale

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

It’s hard to put into words how complex it is Westworld is.

The HBO series tackles some really big themes, making viewers question just about every aspect of their lives: Is technology good? Are humans inherently evil? Must violent pleasures always have violent ends?

For Jeffrey Wright, these existential questions are a big part of his character Bernard’s story. As he explained in an interview with E! News, the host is one of the few characters who is torn between his faith in humanity and technology. “He has this allegiance to both sides of the parks, if you like – to the hosts, but he also has this strange, stubborn allegiance to people,” he said. “There’s this abiding belief that despite all this evidence to the contrary, there’s still something at the core [of the human race] it is beautiful and capable of grace and worth saving.”

That’s why, in episode seven, titled “Metanoia,” Bernard goes through all the different possible outcomes for each situation. He wants to know what the best choice is, knowing that whatever happens outside the simulation will have larger consequences for society as a whole.

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