Webtoon “Red Hood: Outlaws” Interview

Webtoon “Red Hood: Outlaws” Interview

In this episode of The Batman Universe podcast, Scott is joined by writer Patrick Young and artist Nico Bascuñan, the creative team behind Little Red Riding Hood: Outlawson Webtoon for an interview about the series.

Listen as Patrick and Nico talk about their creative inspirations behind the star Little Red Riding Hood: Outlaws, as well as character motivations and upcoming challenges for the Outlaws trio Red Hood, Artemis Bana-Mighdall and Bizarro. Topics also covered in this episode include DC Easter eggs, favorite moments from the series so far, and teases for what’s in store in the future. It’s a fun exploration of a beautiful and funny webtoon series that you won’t want to miss! So join Scott for this new interview with the creative team behind the webtoon series Little Red Riding Hood: Outlaws.

Little Red Riding Hood: Outlaws Synopsis:
“The Outlaws are trying to go legal – and failing spectacularly. The Justice League has issued a challenge to “Red Hood, Artemis of Bana-Mighdall and Bizarro to try to replace their goody-two-shoes counterparts as the heroes the world neither deserves or need. In this original series, the Outlaws will battle some of DC’s greatest supervillains and superheroes—but their greatest battles are among themselves. Can this team last? And can they find their own identities separate from Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman?

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