Watch: Kim Ha Neul, Lee Hye Young and Kim Sung Ryung share final comments on the latest footage for “Kill Heel”

Cast in “Kill Heel” shared their closing comments in the drama’s last video!

“Kill Heel” is a drama about the fierce battles waged by three ambitious women in the competitive world of home shopping networks. Kim Ha Neul stars as show host Woo Hyun, who strives to escape his stagnant life by becoming a top host at UNI Home Shopping, while Lee Hye Young stars as UNI Home Shopping director Mo Ran, who climbed from humble beginnings to reach the top. Kim Sung Ryung stars as the elegant Ok Sun, a top host married to a famous politician who seems to have the perfect life. On April 21, “Kill Heel” aired its finale and recorded its highest ratings.

After diligently filming their last few scenes, the three leading ladies in “Kill Heel” shared the final comments to viewers as they said goodbye to the drama. Kim Ha Neul introduced his character and continued, “I think my thoughts are pretty similar every time I finish a project. While I feel refreshed, I also feel sad and upset. It feels like we “It’s run uninterrupted, but now that we’re at the end, it’s like I’ve gotten closer to the staff. My nerves are just starting to let go and I can laugh with the staff now, so there are a few regrettable aspects.”

Lee Hye Young shared, “I wonder if I’ve ever filmed this diligently and entertainingly. I filmed really enjoyable with Ha Neul and Sung Ryung, and I think [the drama] will continue to live in my memory. “

Kim Sung Ryung commented: “Especially this project feels like it’s not long since we started, but we’ve already made our final shots. Besides the director, all the staff and actors did their best, so I’m really grateful that we have finished well.I regret a bit, and wonder when I will ever meet a project like this again.Thanks to our director, staff and actors, I think I was also able to pack everything well in the middle of COVID- 19. “

Finally, the three actresses thanked the viewers for all the love and support during “Kill Heel”. Watch the drama’s last video here!

If you missed it, start watching “Kill Heel” below!

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