Was Meghan Markle ‘obsessed’ to get palace to release statement on her feud with Kate Middleton?

In an attempt to get Palace to issue a statement of her feud with Princess Kate,Meghan Markle “became possessed.”

When Meghan and Princess of Wales disagreed about dresses at a bridesmaid fitting in 2018 and the Princess of Wales “broke down in tears”.

That Duchess of Sussexhowever, shot back on the narrative during her infamous Oprah interview and claimed that it was actually Kate who had made her cry.

According to an excerpt from Valentine lows book”Courtiers: The hidden power behind the crown“Meghan was “obsessed” with wanting the truth to come out about what happened.

The Duchess of Sussex was reportedly keen for the palace to “put something out there” and deny the report.

The biggest moments from Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey

The excerpt, which is published by Email onlinesays: “The truth is that after the dress fitting, Meghan became obsessed with trying to get the palace press office to put something out and deny the story.”

“But they (the mansion) were equally adamant that it would be a serious mistake to start briefing on personal stories of differences between members of Royal family.”

The writer then claims that the Palace wanted to avoid commenting on “personal twaddle”.

“Not only did they not want to tip off other royals, but they feared it would set a precedent, which would make it harder for them in the future to avoid commenting on personal slipper,” the excerpt continues.

“It would also inflate the story and ensure it continued to fill the pages of newspapers for days to come. This became a major point of contention between Meghan and her media advisers.”

“On Oprah, however, Meghan went further than denying the Kate-in-tears story. Instead, she said, the reverse had happened.”

A disagreement about a dress fit

Before Meg’s wedding, unidentified insiders reportedly told the royal writer Tom Bower that Meghan and Kate fought over how Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid outfit fit.

In addition, Bower claimed that he was informed that the couple could not agree on whether the bridesmaids “should wear pantyhose” during the ceremony.

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