War of the colors | Movie threat

Emir Kurova’s latest short film, War of colors, explores the life of a young woman named Rue (Diandra Forrest). Rue is an albino and her life in modern day America seems to be very hard.

In a racially diverse America, there will always be people who are excluded. Rue falls into that category as a black woman with no melanin to speak of. The challenge in the land of opportunity is to find a way to rise above the negative reactions passersby and colleagues give you to be your authentic self.

That’s the challenge Rue faces. I found War of colors being a wonderful and brief meditation on the nature of race. It is a tonally poetic film and the cinematography is stunning. There is a lyrical quality to the angles chosen to tell Rue’s story.

Find War of colors it’s a warm and introspective 20 minutes that everyone should experience. And slam poetry is pretty big.

For screening information, visit War of colors official website.

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