War fraud in Ukraine: Cybercriminals stole my identity

Scammers have taken advantage of the war in Ukraine by spreading emotional appeals over the internet and stealing identities.

Global Disinformation Reporter Hannah Gelbart examines their emotionally charged tricks and follows digital paper tracks across the Internet

Listen to the section ‘War fraud: Criminals exploiting conflict in Ukraine’ from BBC Trending.

Watch the documentary on BBC News iPlayer ‘Victims of Ukraine’s war fraud’ in the United Kingdom and BBC News YouTube globally.

Produced by Soraya Auer and Hannah Gelbart for the BBC Global Reality Check and Global Disinformation Unit.

Motion graphics by Naomi Goddard

Additional footage by Marek Polaszewski, Dickon Mager, Greg Shea

Edited by Frik Reinecke and Paul Mullen

Further research by Ax Sharma and Paul Myers

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