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Wack 100 accused of BLACKMAILING Nipsey with ‘GAY’ video. . . Showing Nipsey & His Baby Mama

An explosive claim has been made against Los Angeles music director Wack100. In a secretly recorded video, which Media Take Out also listened to, Wack100 claimed that Nipsey – who is honored as a legend in hip hop – has’ gand shnot on him. “

In the sound – as hip-hop blogger Hassan Campbell leaked, Wack can be heard saying the following about Nipsey: “Nipsey got the gay sh * t on him… We have all the footage.”


Wack100 was recently in the news to tell the world that he was in possession of an unreleased KIM KARDASHIAN tape whose existence her camp had denied. But now it seems Wack was telling the truth about it. Some time after Wack’s statement, Kanye West publicly said he picked up the tape from Wack and delivered it to his estranged wife to protect her.

Now back to the leaked sound. Wack goes on to say that Nipsey, “Paid a ** ga to fuck his baby’s mother with him.”

The full context of the sound was not available, and it was not clear whether the baby’s mother to whom Wack was referring was actress Lauren London or another woman. Nor is it clear whether what Wack said is true, as there is no evidence other than alleged statements during the interview.

Hassan Campbell, the blogger who leaked the audio, claims that Wack told him that Nipsey allegedly also did graphic homosexual acts in the video. Media Take Out will not repeat what those specific actions were.

Hassan now also accuses Wack100 and other Los Angeles gangsters of blackmailing Nipsey while he was alive, stating that “Nipsey lived in fear.”

Again, it is not clear from the sound whether Hassan’s assessment of the facts is accurate or wildly mere speculation; Or whether Wack’s alleged statements to him are true. Even if Wack came up with the statements, he could have said to make himself sound more important in the industry.

But these explosive claims have caused the Internet to heat up today.

Listen to the entire video – and judge for yourself. The juicy part starts around 1:19.

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