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VIDEO: Baseball fights clear benches at Cardinals Game | St. Louis Metro News | St. Louis | St. Louis news and events

Cardinals player Nolan Arenado showed the New York Mets how St. Louis falls as he is threatened today at Busch Stadium.

Now violence is never the answer – but the tension was high between the Mets and Cards when Arenado reached the diamond. Mets players have been hit by a baseball at least 19 times this season, per New York Post. One player was hit in the helmet last night’s match and another player was hit in the ankle today. A Twitter user pointed it out the cardinals were hit however, almost as much.

When Arenado arrived on the plate, pitcher Yoan Lopez reciprocated the cards for their previously headstrong pitches: Lopez threw up and in, causing the ball to miss Arenado’s face by a few inches.

Arenado then starts yelling at the pitcher, throwing the bat down and starting to approach Lopez. That’s when the video shifts to show all the Cardinals players in the dugout rushing to the pitch, just like the Mets to the match. Who says Albert Pujols’ legs have no life left in them? At the 14 seconds he is in full sprint.

Stubby Clapp, the first base coach, is also seen tackling one of the Mets players, Pete Alonso. Both Clapp and Arenado were thrown out of the game.

Twitter broke out in golden content, as usual. Enjoy this tweet:

Mets manager Buck Showalter said after the game that he would let the cards “handle their players.”

“I know our player was hit in the head and went to first base,” Showalter said.

Cardinals manager Ollie Marmol says that when you get to the top, as Lopez did, “and endanger someone’s career and life, I’m taking an exception to that … Nolan has every right to react the way he did”, and the cards would protect that reaction.

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