“Very exciting” … the discovery of a new species of rock in the water of Abu Dhabi in the UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Environmental Protection Agency – Abu Dhabi announced the discovery of a new species of eagle fish in the waters of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, according to the official website of the Abu Dhabi Government Media Office, on Tuesday.

This new type of stingray, called “Aetomylaeus wafiskii”, was discovered in samples collected from Gulf waters during a study to assess fishery resources carried out by the authority in 2016.

The evaluation included the collection of samples of fish and elasmobranchs.

During this time, this species was called the striped eagle stick (Aetomylaeus nichofii), and it looks very much like the minnow of the eagle.

However, after conducting a comprehensive study, experts discovered that it was a new species, and a scientific article was published describing the physical characteristics of this new species, according to the Abu Dhabi Government Media Office.

Ahmed Al Hashimi, CEO of the Terrestrial and Marine Biodiversity Sector at the Environmental Protection Agency – Abu Dhabi, said: “It is very exciting for us to discover a new species of eagle sting in Abu Dhabi. This is an important indicator of the health of our marine areas and abundance of marine biodiversity. “

“Over the last two years, we have discovered a number of species and I am convinced that we can discover more in the future as long as we continue to adopt rigorous scientific methods to ensure credibility,” Al Hashemi added.

Recently described species can be distinguished from similar species such as eagle sticks (Aetomylaeus caeruleofasciatus) and striped eagle sticks (Aetomylaeus nichofii), by having a larger number of light blue stripes on the back (ie 8 to 10 stripes), and a larger number of rows Teeth, and tail is shorter.

The Fishery Resources Survey, conducted over a two-year period, which is the most comprehensive study ever to assess the state of fish stocks in the territorial waters of the United Arab Emirates, made it possible to collect many samples from Gulf waters, then examine them and compare them with other regional variables for the species.

The family of rays (Batoidea) is closely related to the family of sharks, which also includes rays, skates, guitars and saws.

The eagle stork is a bottom and half-earth species that is widespread throughout the world, and the majority of these species can be found near the coasts.

The vulture’s tent uses its powerful jaws and tooth plates to eat molluscs, crustaceans, worms and small bony fish.

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