Valorant new Agent Fade: Ability kit and Ultimate revealed

Appreciate‘s latest agent is a hunter who is in contact with some deadly shadows. The new agent is named Fade, and it seems that her abilities let her reveal the locations of her enemies. She was revealed during the final in Appreciate‘s Masters Reykjav√≠k tournament on Sunday. Fade comes to the game as part of Episode 4 Act 3, which was due out next week.

Fade’s abilities focus on finding enemy players and either blinding them or holding them in place when she does. One of her skills uses a shadow ball for enemy players nearby, while another creates a small circle on the ground that will keep players tied to it if they get too close. She also has a recon ability that will detect players and draw lines for their location, while her Ultimate does something similar across much of the map.

For a complete look at Fade’s capabilities, you can find Rio’s official description below.

E – Locality

Equip a nightmarish device. Shoot to throw the ball, which will crash to the ground after a certain amount of time. When the bullet hits the ground, it turns into a nightmare-like device that will reveal the location of enemies trapped in its line of sight. Enemies can destroy this unit. Reuse the ability to drop the projectile early in flight.

Q – Grib

Equip a ball of nightmare ink. Shoot to throw the ball, which will crash to the ground after a certain amount of time. When the ink hits the ground, the ink will explode and create a zone where enemies trapped in it cannot escape the zone by normal means. Reuse the ability to throw the projectile early in flight.

C – Prowler

Equip a Prowler. Fire will send the Prowler out, causing it to travel in a straight line. The prowler will lock on to any enemies or tracks in their frontal vision cone and chase them, myopic them if it reaches them. Hold down the firing button to steer the Prowler in the direction of your crosshairs.

X – The night

Equip the power of fear. Fire to emit a wave of nightmare energy that can pass through walls. The energy creates a trail for the opponent as well as drowning out and breaking them down.

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