USA makes chaos on world day 2 medal table


Day two of the FINA World Championships in 2022 added several more nations to the mix of medals, with the Netherlands and China among them.

Breaststroke es Arno Kamminga wrapped 100m breaststroke silver for the Netherlands while China Zhang Yufei won bronze in the women’s 100 m fly.

The United States enjoyed a fruitful set of finals, too Nic Fink collects bronze in the men’s 100m breaststroke while Torri Huske broke a new national record on the way to winning the women’s 100m flight. Celeb Dressel and Michael Andrew went 1 & 3 in the men’s 50 m fly to inflict further damage on the medal table while Alex Walsh fought 200m IM gold.

We’ll see how the position of the medal table continues to evolve as the event progresses, but right now stars n ‘stripes has tripled the number of medals, the second closest nation in Australia through two days of competition here in Budapest.

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