Urges farmers to handle storms and rains properly

Ibrahim Saleem (Abu Dhabi)

The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority has called on the country’s farmers to take all necessary precautions to deal with storms, wind and rain, as it is necessary to ensure the safety of the tools and means of water drainage on the farm to ensure that rainwater drains well and does not flood the plants, which threatens the safety of the crop, while taking care to ensure that there is no short circuit or interruption of the current due to wind or rain.
In windy weather, the authority recommended that it was necessary to ensure that movable tools and equipment are not left in the wind to ensure they are not swept away and damage crops or greenhouses. The Authority should avoid on-farm maintenance or construction operations during stormy weather to maintain worker safety.
A list of tips has been compiled to educate the greenhouse owners, including turning on the fans to reduce the pressure inside the greenhouses, and running water on the cooling panels to reduce the ingress of dust into the greenhouse, while ensuring that the iron structure and the plastic cover are safe and not damaged. The authority emphasized the need to ensure the safety and readiness of the farm electricity plant and the backup generator, as well as that the water drains at the edge of the greenhouses are open in an appropriate way so that water does not enter the interior.

The authority called on all farmers to take some measures as soon as the weather fluctuations stop, as it must be ensured that the electricity is not interrupted from the irrigation systems in the greenhouse and that they work if they are interrupted to protect the crop, with the need to follow the rest of ​​the councils and follow up on the farm workers to ensure that they take all necessary precautions to protect the farm and the crops grown. In addition to protecting themselves from the dangers of weather fluctuations. As far as domestic animals are concerned, the authority advises the necessity to keep domestic animals in their stables during weather fluctuations, and not to leave them in open places, so that they are not exposed to air currents and rain, with the need to provide the necessary water for drinking animals. so that they do not have to drink rainwater collected in the yards.

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