(Update) Parents of Tire Sampson sue Orlando’s ICON Park for wrongful death

Exactly one month ago today, Tires Sampson, 14, from St. Louis died after falling from a walk in a fall tower in Orlando’s ICON PARK. Now his parents have filed a wrongful death lawsuit, TMZ reports.

Nekia Dodd and Yarnell Sampson has filed an unlawful death case and will be represented by Benjamin Crump. They feel that their son, who was six feet and five inches and over 300 pounds, should never have been allowed to join the trip.

According to TMZ, Tire’s parents are suing ICON Park and partners, which also include the creators and operators of the freefall trip.

They claim that the parties involved were negligent. The suit says there was no signage to deter people from getting on who should not. The parents also claim that the people who worked that day did not say anything to prevent people who were not going on the trip from coming on.

Because of this, the parents feel that Tire came on the trip and thought everything was fine, but it was not.

The family also says the ride itself was not safe, and rides that are similar to each other have a shoulder strap and a seat belt. But that trip did not have a seat belt. The family believes that was what contributed to his being thrown out of his seat.

The parents are asking for compensation and a jury trial for a judge.

If you remember, Tire fell from a height of nearly 100 feet and tragically died. After the incident, Tire’s father, Yarnell, spoke to Orlando 35 and said his son “was panicking when he got up.”

He also told that his son told his friends, who were also on the trip, that he felt uncomfortable.

Yarnell went on to say that he would do what he could to make sure this did not happen to anyone else.

This must never happen to someone else’s child again, and if I have anything to do with this, it will never happen again.

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