Update on “Covid-19” safety measures at the federal government level

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources announced, in addition to the circular issued by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources No. (5) of 2022 regarding the update of the preventive measures against the Covid-19 pandemic at the federal government level, and based on the government’s instructions regarding the relaxation of procedures for the management of Covid-19, and in coordination with the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority and the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, it was decided to change the current procedures of the Federal Government from today, September 28, 2022 AD as follows:

First: Procedures for contacts and infected persons
Regarding contacts, contacts are satisfied with PCR laboratory examination when symptoms appear.
As regards contacts with the groups most vulnerable to infection, including older citizens, residents and people with
People with determination and people with chronic diseases, it is recommended to perform a PCR test and follow up on their condition
health for 7 days of contact.

Reduction of the isolation period for injured persons to five days, regardless of whether the isolation is at home or in an institution.
The employer is responsible for institutional isolation.

Second: the green traffic system
Conducting periodic examination every month for the vaccinated person who is exempt from the vaccination requirements.
Conducting a periodic examination every 7 days for non-vaccinated persons.
The commitment of the employees and visitors at the workplaces of the federal authorities in the green passage.

Third: wearing a mask
Mandatory use of masks in medical facilities, mosques, places of worship and public transport.
Mandatory use of masks for all food providers, injured and suspected cases.
It is optional to wear a mask in all facilities, open and closed places.
As for senior citizens, residents and people with chronic diseases, it is recommended to wear a mask in all open and closed places.

Fourth: The human resource information system “Bayanati” and the “Recovery” initiative of the Federal Government

The electronic mechanisms of the “Bayanati” system and notifications have been modified in accordance with the new trends.

The panel of indicators and metrics for the “Recover” initiative has been updated to enable federal agencies to track and count cases of infection and contact on a daily basis and take the necessary actions.

The authority also emphasizes the need to comply with all the procedures followed in the federal government and to adopt them through the (Al-Hosn program) to ensure the extent to which employees and auditors are vaccinated and whether they can enter headquarters of the federal authorities.

The authority states that these procedures and regulations are subject to updating and changes based on the latest requirements of the health authorities and in coordination with the authorities affected by emergencies and crises.

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