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Unfinished Free Agent Signings Tracker

That 2022 NFL Draft is in the books! That means it’s time for an unsurpassed rookie agency. All the draft-eligible players that were does not selected are now free to sign with any team.

This year’s UDFA class is expected to be more talented than usual due to the impact of COVID-19. There are more draft-eligible players than usual. And when Philly made a limited number of choices, Howie Roseman said he challenges his scouts to make this a very strong UDFA class for the birds.

Feel free to use this post as an open thread for the next few hours as some reports of the Eagles’ 2022-expired free agent signings will emerge. We use this post to track all UDFA news and rumors. Check back often for updates.

Please note that not all of these reports are necessarily official. Things can change, and sometimes rookie minicamp trials are reported as UDFA signings. Still, this tracker should give us a good idea of ​​which long-range players the Eagles will ultimately add to their list.

It took nearly two weeks for the Eagles to announce their UDFA signatures last year, so there may be a delay in officially confirming those additions. Either way, we want UDFA scout reports published here at Bleeding Green Nation in the near future.


Brown QB EJ Perry

S Reed Blankenship

Utah WR / RS United Kingdom Covey

Oklahoma RB Kennedy Brooks

Nevada QB Carson Strong

Alabama CB Josh Jobe

Clemson CB Mario Goodrich

Duke CB Josh Blackwell

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