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Uefa announces further sanctions against Russian clubs and national teams amid Ukraine’s invasion

Show support for Ukraine
There have been demonstrations of support for Ukraine at football matches since Russia began its invasion of the country in February

Russia has been excluded from participating in this summer’s women’s Euro 2022, while Russian clubs will also be excluded from Uefa competitions next season, says Europe’s football governing body.

Uefa has announced that Russia’s bid to host the men’s Euro 2028 or Euro 2032 tournaments is now also unqualified.

The sanctions come amid Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine.

In February, Russian clubs and national teams were suspended by Fifa and Uefa “until further notice”.

On Monday, Uefa announced that Portugal – who lost to Russia in the playoffs – will replace them at the 2022 European Championships, which take place in July.

Russia’s women’s national team will also no longer compete in the European qualification for the World Cup in 2023, while the men’s team is excluded from the Nations League 2022-23.

They will automatically be placed in fourth place in Group Two of League B, meaning they will be relegated at the end of the group stage.

The ban imposed on clubs means that there will be no Russian teams in the men’s and women’s Champions League, Europa League or Europa Conference League during the 2022-23 campaign.

In March, UEFA confirmed that Russia had declared interest in hosting the 2028 European Championships – as well as the UK and Ireland and Turkey – and the 2032 edition.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Russia’s interest was “beyond satire” and “beyond understanding”.

Uefa said the bid was not justified in accordance with Article 16.02 of the Bidding Regulations, which states that “every bidder must ensure that it does not act in a way that could discredit Uefa, any other bidder, the tender procedure or European football” .

UEFA’s latest sanctions also exclude Russia from the 2021-23 European U21 Championship as well as youth and futsal competitions.

An updated qualification process for the Champions League has been announced, which shows benefits for Scottish teams.

The Premier League champions will go straight into the group stage of the competition, while the second-placed side will now go into the third round of qualifying instead of the second.

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