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No to hatred in the world and between peoples and between civilizations and cultures.
No to hatred in literature and art and in curricula.
No to hatred at work, on the street, in malls and in daily, official and popular transactions.
No to hatred in the press and the media. No to hatred in the news and in the picture, and in the commentary, follow-up and analysis.
No to hate writing. No to hate in poetry. No to hate in prose. No to hate in criticism. No to hate in science. No to hatred in religion, thinking and belief.
No to hate at an airport, in a port or at a border point. Not for hatred, not in the air, not on earth. Not in a restaurant, not on a beach, not even in a market or in a square.
No to hate anywhere and anytime. No to hatred between black and white. Between rich and poor. Between a big and a minister. between north and south. East and West. A place for one person. Once for humanity.
These are the addresses to reject hatred completely in the United Arab Emirates, not only on the International Day for the Fight against Hate speech “June 18” every year, but also that hate speech is rejected in the Emirates every day and every day. Emirati culture, popular, humane, innate, as opposed to the phenomena of discrimination, racism, chromatic, religious, ideological and intellectual separation. These are the constants of the state, the basis, the rule and the ethics of a country and a people.
The United Nations sets a world day to combat hate speech, the first in UN history to propose many days in which the world should be celebrated to commemorate its humanity and humanity amid floods of violence, extremism, the idea of ​​reconciliation and punishment and human dominance over people by politicizing cultures, religions and beliefs, and even This pre-Islamic neurotic violence went on … to politicize art and inject literature with the juice of anger and hearts and minds.
We must not deny that hatred in this sense is discourse. Just a discourse, but it does not become a culture, and it does not in any way become a cultural context.
The word culture is purer, higher, and honorable than being associated with the meaning of hatred, it remains a miserable and isolated discourse, and in the broadest forms of hatred it is a state or a phenomenon, but these miserable images dissolve quickly and disappear like dust, when they are surrounded by the tolerant human culture of thought. The idea of ​​free knowledge, free literature and art, which in their essence meet with the soul of a beautiful human being who is free from all diseases of the body and diseases of the soul.
The United Arab Emirates is a country of tolerance, a language of tolerance and a culture of tolerance that covers more than two hundred nationalities from the countries of the world who live, work, secure and believe in a culture of life and not a culture of death in land and heaven.
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