Tyler King – A fighter who conquers the world

Tyler Kinga leader in entrepreneurship, creates waves across industries through its immense power of recognitions that not many people are fortunate enough to own.

King, now 33, has been a workaholic since he was 15. Always passionate about computers and electronics – he loved repairing and building them. During his senior year, Tyler had to drop out of school to fit the company that earned him $ 1 million solely in revenue. It showed the radiant mind he possessed and the passion with which he decided to make such a big decision.

Without knowing what to do, he continued to explore himself and gained experiences, both good and bad, at a very young age. These experiences not only taught him how the world was not always fair, but also gave him a direction that steered his life toward helping people and other entrepreneurs.

Today, Tyler is just 33 years old, CEO of a thriving consulting firm, a budding photographer, a dive driver and leader of a non-profit organization, and is about to launch his clothing line.

Not only that, Tyler is known for his public speeches, which have fascinated thousands of people around the world and motivated them to do things the right way, while paving the way for a younger generation.

“All my life I have wanted to make a big difference in the world. I feel that is why I am here. And it starts with ensuring that no one gets exploited and has opportunities to improve. I do not like handouts; I like to provide empowerment so people can become independent. This ultimately helps society as a whole. “- Tyler King

To say that Tyler has had a smooth sailing throughout his life would be an understatement. He has a unique story to tell, which gives us a brief glimpse of the many transitions that Tyler had to go through throughout his life.

Formation of Assuras – A thriving consulting firm

With his brilliant vision and traction, he found Assuras and turned it into a global consulting firm for millions of dollars. With over 120 employees, the company’s vision is to seek equality and justice within the premises of a corporate empire.

Assuras’ main purpose is to provide practical advice to entrepreneurs to improve themselves and their businesses by systematically addressing issues from the bottom of a business unit.

Instead of talking to management, which can actually create difficulties for everyone, his company’s method is about interviewing employees and customers at a low level to gain more clarity about an organization’s dynamics and daily conditions. Therefore, formulate the best strategy for effective problem solving.

Tyler’s convictions and his motto for life are simple; to create ease for others and make a difference in the world.

A voice from prison

Not so long ago, Tyler was falsely charged with a digital crime he did not commit and was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison. The bizarre event was a major blow to his self-esteem and goals as his exciting life took a very unsettling U-turn. Despite being a pilot and diver, Tyler was still trapped in the criminal justice system and found out on his own how the path to justice is not always fair.

It was at that time that Tyler decided to become a voice for all unfortunate people facing a flawed criminal justice system. Today, he is the creative mind behind A Voice from Prison, his brainchild of ideas, where Tyler helps people fight injustices done to them within the confines of a prison. He believes he can challenge the status quo through his passion project.

To make the story short, Tyler had no idea what he was getting himself into when he decided to mentor a friend. Because of this one irrational decision, Tyler was jailed for a criminal act that he did not commit. It was later discovered that his friend was using all his teachings in hacking their boss’ emails, which by law is a cybercrime.

After going through a horrible experience himself, Tyler became a firm believer in one performance; he had to intervene against those in power.

When his personal values ​​were in line with Assuras’ business strategies, he knew it was the only way forward to talk to prisoners directly about their dilemma.

Since many entrepreneurs do not understand what is going on inside their premises, perhaps the only reason to hire Assuras’ consulting services, it is also obvious that a person who has never been in prison can not possibly find a solution to all the abuses and injustices committed inside. . This is why it is far more successful to talk to the grieving and take first-hand experience than to take opinions from outsiders or the senior management; be it a business or prison; an approach that is a success at Assuras.

Unfortunately, Tyler is one of the prisoners whose first-hand experiences of the “inner injustices” are proof enough to lead the legal battle; it is also the only effective way in which judicial reforms can be questioned. Thereby has a unique approach to solving problems within the criminal justice system.

Learning from Tyler King – the one who bravely fought through the shackles of a broken justice system – gives us hope, knowing that he has his best interests in fighting for anyone who is not treated fairly; be it through his consulting firm Assuras or his project, A Voice from Prison.

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