Two thieves stole a civilian trailer. Sharjah Police caught them within two hours

The Sharjah Police General Command Department of Criminal Investigations and Investigations has arrested two men who stole a trailer and trip equipment in front of a house in the Al-Barashi area after the spread of a video clip from the owner of the house explaining the theft.

The Director of the Criminal Investigation and Investigation Department at Sharjah Police, Colonel Omar Abu Al-Zoud, stated that as soon as the video clip spread through social media, the team formed a team to search and investigate and gather the necessary conclusions, and accordingly thus, the specifications of the two offenders were determined and they were reached in less than two hours after the broadcast of the clip.

Abu Al-Zoud revealed that the owner of the house noticed the disappearance of the trailer and his hiking equipment in front of his house, and by referring to the surveillance cameras outside the house, he saw the theft, which took place early in the morning when he published the video clip , before opening an official report on the incident.

He said the efforts of the criminal investigation officers resulted in the identification and arrest of the two thieves, and an investigation is underway with them, in preparation for referring the incident to the public prosecutor’s office.

Abu Al-Zoud underlined the zeal of the criminal investigation officers to maintain security and safety with their high security knowledge and experience, which helped to uncover the mystery behind the crime and reach the perpetrators in less than two hours after the spread of the crime. video clips through social media pointing out that police officers are in command and they are fully prepared to work with different situations and reviews.

He urged community members not to publish videos of the intrusions, thefts or illegal violations to which they are subject, so that they are not subject to legal liability, and instructs them to open official communications as soon as the theft is discovered, and stresses the importance of installation of surveillance cameras in the home, for their crucial role in detecting crimes and thefts.

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