Trump reveals how he would deal with ‘evil genocide monster’ Putin

Donald Trump's interview on Piers Morgan's new TV show (Photo: AP / Reuters / Piers Morgan Uncensored)

Donald Trump also told Piers Morgan that the United States has ‘a weapon alone that would destroy everything’ (Image: AP / Reuters / Piers Morgan Uncensored)

Donald Trump has warned that the world is heading for nuclear war if ‘stupid’ leaders are not careful, saying he would tell Vladimir Putin that ‘we have far stronger weapons than you’ if he were still in charge.

The former US president maintained his claim that he could have prevented the Russian invasion of Ukraine tonight in a long-awaited interview with Piers Morgan.

When asked if he threatened the Russian leader with US nuclear weapons while in power, he refused to give a definitive answer, but added: ‘I threatened him like he has never been threatened before.

‘I told him what our answer would be and he said,’ Really ‘. And I said, “Really.”

Talk TV viewers were treated with further strange twists as Mr Trump welcomed Mr Putin’s military and negotiating strategies as he placed more than 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border before the February attack.

‘When he was building soldiers up on the border, I said it was a very smart, ingenious move because I thought he was negotiating. When he went in, I said it was no longer an ingenious move ‘, he said.

His comments came seconds before he was forced to agree with Mr Morgan that the Russian president is a ‘genocide monster’.

Speaking of how incumbent President Joe Biden and other heads of state are handling the war, he warned ‘the world will be blown to pieces’ – adding ‘you have a lot of stupid people leading it’.

Donald Trump's interview on Piers Morgan's new TV show (Photo: AP / Reuters / Piers Morgan Uncensored)

The former president told the TV personality that he threatened Vladimir Putin over Ukraine (Photo: Backgrid)

Donald Trump's interview on Piers Morgan's new TV show (Photo: AP / Reuters / Piers Morgan Uncensored)

He also called the Russian president a ‘genocide monster’ (Image: YouTube / Piers Morgan Uncensored)

“Our leaders are not smart, and if they are not smart, we could potentially end up in a nuclear war,” he said.

‘This is the beginning. I’ve been the best predictor of things ever. It does not have to happen. I think they’re treating him wrong.

‘It’s as if they’re talking with fear. We have a weapon alone that can destroy everything. ‘

When asked how exactly he would relate to Putin, he replied: ‘I would say we have far more (nuclear weapons) than you have, far stronger than you, and you can never use that word again.

‘You can never use the nuclear word again. And if you do, we’ll have problems. ‘

One of the most bizarre moments saw the Republican criticize Mr Putin for using the ‘N-word’ – not the racist incantation, but instead the Russian leader’s threats of nuclear retaliation.

Trump said: ‘I call it the “N-word”. He constantly uses the “N-word”, the nuclear word. It’s a no-no. You’re not supposed to do that. ‘

Trump also claimed that he went into battle with Kim Jong-un during his one term in office and threatened him with “a bigger than his red atomic button on his desk”.

According to the ex-president, the North Korean leader was really impressed and told him that ‘no one has spoken to us in this way’.

Tuesday night we will see more of the chat, which is set to see Mr. Trump storm off during a fierce altercation with the TV personality.

His controversial appearance in the new British program comes hours after a judge in New York held him in contempt for his ‘repeated delays and mistakes’ in complying with an investigation into his business practices.

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