Trevor Bauer is suing prosecutor, attorney, as MLB discipline threatens

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Trevor Bauer on Monday filed a lawsuit against the woman who sought a restraining order against him last summer, claiming her lawsuit was part of a plan to ruin the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher’s career and “extract millions of dollars” from him.

It was the latest legal salvo by Bauer, who has been on paid administrative leave, imposed on Major League Baseball, since shortly after the California woman in a lawsuit claimed he strangled her unconscious and assaulted her during sex. MLB is preparing a decision on potential discipline that may come as early as this week.

Bauer has previously sued Deadspin and Athletic, media outlets he accused of being biased in their coverage.

The most recent lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles by attorneys, including Bauer’s agent Jon Fetterolf, also mentions as a defendant Fred Thiagarajah, one of the California woman’s attorneys.

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The lawsuit accuses Thiagarajah of spreading his client’s “false and misleading story” through comments he made to The Washington Post in February after the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office announced it would not charge Bauer with the charges of assault.

Thiagarajah then said that the decision of the prosecution “was not a declaration of innocence; it is a statement of” I do not have enough evidence to prove this beyond a reasonable doubt. “And there is no doubt that Mr Bauer has just brutalized [the woman]. “

In that article, Thiagarajah also took issue with Bauer’s denial in a YouTube video that he had beaten, scratched or sodomized the woman. The lawyer noted that Bauer had refused to take the testimony of not incriminating herself during a hearing on detention and claimed that these allegations were “established with 100 percent certainty. The question was whether she gave her consent to the abuse or not.

Thiagarajah declined to comment Monday night, saying he had not been served with or had a chance to read the civil complaint. Another lawyer for the woman, Bryan Freedman, also declined to comment.

Bauer’s lawsuit claims that the woman’s detention was part of her plan to destroy “Mr. Bauer’s reputation and baseball career, attracts attention” and draws a large financial settlement.The case claims that after a first sexual encounter with Bauer, where she claimed he was strangling her unconscious, the woman sought to have a “groping sexual experience” during their second meeting to “lay the groundwork for an economic solution.”

The Post does not name prosecutors in domestic violence cases unless they ask to be identified.

Referring to her request for a financial payment, the legal complaint quotes a message that the woman allegedly sent to her friend before requesting a restraining order: “They think he will try to reconcile with me, offer me big cash and so get me to sign an agreement. “

Such text messages were central to the August hearing. The woman claimed they were “immature” and “sarcastic” jokes. The summons does not refer to actual conciliation claims made by the woman or her lawyers.

A judge rejected the woman’s request for a restraining order, saying at least part of her filing was “substantially misleading.”

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The lawsuits against Deadspin and Athletic were centered on the businesses that reported that there were signs that the woman was hospitalized with a skull fracture. Bauer’s attorneys noted in these allegations that medical records attached to the restraining order request reported that her skull had “no acute fracture.”

Defamation cases have increasingly been used as a legal tactic by men accused of sexual abuse or domestic violence. Deadspin lawyer Lynn Oberlander said Bauer’s “baseless lawsuits against Deadspin and other media organizations clearly aim to scare journalists from reporting on his actions.”

MLB, by agreement with the players’ union, has repeatedly extended Bauer’s administrative leave while he investigates the charges against him. The latest extension of the leave expires on Friday.

The Post reported in August that the year before the California woman sought her restraining order, a woman in Ohio sought temporary protection against him. The woman made similar allegations that Bauer strangled and beat her during sex and allegedly also texted her such threats as: “I do not want to spend time in jail for having killed anyone. And that is what would happen if I saw you again. ”

Bauer denied the Ohio woman’s allegations of physical abuse and questioned the accuracy of the threatening text messages. In that case, Fetterolf also accused the Ohio woman of exploiting the allegations to seek a financial settlement.

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