Travel News: Time to start planning your next big adventure

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(CNN) – Have you been stuck at home as long as your passport has cobwebs? It’s time to start planning your comeback trip.

Your journey may land you in the world’s busiest airport, which has taken a surprising path to world domination.

CNN Travel is here with our weekly party of fun, adventure and inspiration.

Dream trips to take with you

But while international travel is recovering, there are still more popular destinations – including Japan, Taiwan and several Pacific islands – that are still banned for tourists. Find out more about where the detentions are and when the restrictions can ease.
And after recently downgrading the travel risk level of many top destinations in a review of their advisory system, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday added only one location to its “high” risk category – a small island known for having the world’s shortest commercial runway.

Premiere on CNN

Stanley Tucci returns to CNN with a new series of “Searching for Italy,” which premieres this Sunday at 21 ET / PT in the United States and Canada. The opening episode sees Tucci in Venice, where he tries cicchetti, the city’s delicious finger food.
And with a premiere at 22.00 on Sunday, “Nomad with Carlton McCoy” will visit the Mariane Ibrahim Gallery in Paris, whose mission is to highlight the work of black artists. Find out more about McCoy and Ibrahim in our profile.
The new season of “Quest’s World of Wonder” is also sailing on. Richard Quest visits Buenos Aires in the latest episode, the home of the tango. And on the podcast version of “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown,” Bourdain visited Istanbul, where he ate a Turkish breakfast and watched an oil-wrestling match.

Best in Asia

Coa – a Hong Kong bar named after a machete-like tool used to harvest agave – has been named the best bar in Asia for the second year in a row. Bars in Singapore, Goa and Tokyo make up the rest of the top five.
Meanwhile, the restaurant has been voted the best in Asia, the one in Tokyo, which has two Michelin stars. Bangkok, Hong Kong and Osaka eateries are also ranked high.

The world’s busiest airport

Aside from a blip in 2020, one airport has been the busiest in the world for passenger traffic throughout the 21st century. The megahub is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International. But how did this city in the deep south beat people like Beijing, Tokyo and London to become the world’s No. 1?
The aviation industry has made the ambitious promise to halve its CO2 emissions by 2050, and sustainable aviation fuel should be a big part of it. So far, however, the utilization of green jet fuel has been very low. Here’s why.

Cruise routes for masters

Whether it’s the sandstorm-exposed, narrow Suez Canal or the windy, glacier-lined waterways of Alaska, masters have the maneuvers.

Join us in May as we explore the world of trains.

Turkish joy

The Turkish coastal town of Kaş is an unspoilt corner of the Mediterranean with fishing village charm. Discover with us.

If you missed it

Tourists crashed drones into the Pisa Tower and Rome’s Palazzo Venezia.

An American family brought an unexploded ordnance to an Israeli airport.

A cafe in Japan will not let customers go until they have reached their work deadlines.

Take a hike

There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing, as they say. If you want to get out in the open, you need to be ready for any eventuality. Our partners at CNN Underscored, a guide to product reviews and recommendations owned by CNN, have spoken with experts to get this downturn on the hiking gear you actually need.

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