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Trafford Council election 2022 – all results since Conservative control

THERE are three days until the polls open for the Trafford Council election.

One of three seats in each of the borough’s departments is up for election, as well as an additional seat in Gorse Hill Ward.

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Currently, the Labor Group has control of 40 seats, and it gained four seats last year, even though the party lost nationally. The Conservative group was in control until four years ago, when Sean Anstee saw the party lose its majority.

This chart shows how the Trafford Council has evolved since 2016.


Back in 2016, the Conservative group held on to the overall control it had had since 2004. In fact, no gains or losses were achieved by any party at all. The Green Group was not present in the council at this time.


It was all change in 2018. The Conservative Group lost overall control and it was no longer the largest party. Although the largest party was the Labor Group, it did not yet have a majority (32 seats in Trafford).

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In the following year’s election, the Labor group made the necessary progress to take overall control. Conversely, the Conservative group lost about a third of its seats. After performing at Altrincham Ward in 2018, the green group made the department its own by taking the last of its three seats.


In last year’s election, the Labor group consolidated its overall control as the Conservative group continued to lose. The Tories hope to reverse this trend by 2022, as the Green Group and Lib Dem Group appear to make a more significant mark on the overall composition of the Trafford Council.

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