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The top 14 returned to the stage during the episode on April 24th American idol. This week, participants were guided by Idol alun, Gabby Barrett. First up, Jay Copeland performed “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. Jay, who was rescued by the judges last week, received standing ovations from all three this time. “I feel like this is the closest thing to your artistry,” Lionel Richie fossede. “Tonight, this song was the one that broke through [who you’re going to be as an artist] right upside down. “

Next, HunterGirl performed “Baby Girl” by Sugarland. As the only female country artist left in the competition, Hunter got some great advice from Gabby. “You have a heart of gold and a voice of gold, and I just want to see you win,” Katy Perry told Hunter after the performance.

HunterGirl appears on ‘American Idol’. (ABC)

‘American Idol’ Top 14 achievements

Next performance was from Christian Guardino. He sang “Take Me To Church” Hozierto get advice from Gabby on “choosing [his] moments ”during the performance. “You took it to the next level,” Luke Bryan told Chrisitan. “It went from one level to another level to another level.”

Country singer Dan Marshall took the stage next time. He sang Kenny Chesney’s “She’s Got It All” for his top 14 performances. After some nerves during the rehearsal, Dan performed a solid performance at the live show. “That’s how you do it, Dan,” Lionel said to the singer. “I love Kenny Chesney, but that was your song tonight. You sound like a star.”

Next, Gabby helped Leah Marlene choose between two songs for her performance. She went with “Happy Together”, which made the judges and the audience go crazy. “It really feels like you arrived,” Katy said. Luke also toppled over Leah’s growth in the show. “It’s some of the most inspiring I’ve seen,” he admitted.

The next artist to perform was Fritz Hager. Fritz sang “Let It Go” James Bay. The judges raved about Fritz’s artistry. “That whole show felt like I was at YOUR show,” Luke said. After Fritz was Sad Gressettwho sang Adam Lamberts “What do you want from me?” Gabby admitted it was a “risky” but “cool” song choice for Tristen. The risk paid off when the audience went crazy, even though Tristen had a little “hiccup” with the lyrics. “What you have now is presence on stage,” Lionel said. “It was amazing. I loved that achievement.”

Lady K also sang a song by one Idol alum when she performed “I Believe” by Fantasy. Lady K received a standing ovation. “Honestly, elegance personified right now,” Katy raved. “The glow up is real. It was a beautiful song. All around, the growth is just incredible.” Lionel also said it was Lady K’s best performance.

allegra miles
Allegra Miles appears on ‘American Idol’. (ABC)

Next, Allegra Miles sang “Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish. Allegra played the piano during her performance, and Luke guessed that she “nailed” her falsetto choices during the set. After Allegra, Ava Maybee took the stage to sing one Harry Styles hit, “Signs of the Times”. Lionel gave constructive criticism to Ava, urging her to “get out [her] head, ”but the judges agreed that the second half of the show was fantastic.

After being rescued by the judges last week, Mike Parker returned to sing “Hurricane” Luke Combs. He hit a huge note at the end of the song that got the judges and audience on their feet. “It was your scene, you made that scene yours,” Katy raved. “It was some authentic country, soul song.”

Emyrson Flora was next time. She performed Olivia Rodrigo “Driver’s License,” and channeled Gabby’s advice to “loosen up” as she walked on stage. “It’s hard for me at all to wrap my head around the fact that you’re 16,” Luke admitted. “The way you sing is just so timeless and classical.” Next, Gabby called Noah Thompson to change his choice of song, which he attached to more than his original choice. He went with “Stand By Me,” and Lionel promised Noah that it was the right choice. “Your voice fit that song perfectly,” he hissed.

nicolina bozzo
Nicolina appears on ‘American Idol’. (ABC)

The last performance of the evening came from Nicolina. Nicolina gave an amazing performance of “Hallelujah”, dedicated to her grandmother. “It was like watching an angel sing this beautiful song,” Katy admitted. “It was really, really beautiful.”

‘American Idol’ Top 11 Revealed

Throughout the episode, America voted for their favorite artists, and the top 11 were announced late at night. The artists rescued were: Leah Marlene, HunterGirl, Jay Copeland, Fritz Hager, Nicolina, Noah Thompson, Christian Guardino, Lady K, Emyrson Flora, Mike Parker and Sad Gressett. This means that the three artists who were eliminated were: Dan Marshall, Ava Maybee and Allegra Miles.

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