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Tom Hiddleston humorously evokes Andrew Garfield while speaking to Doctor Strange 2 And Thor: Love And Thunder Rumors

Tom Hiddleston has been a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe family for over a decade now, and his role in the massive franchise only seems to be expanding. After playing Loki in the first three Thor film, the actor appeared in Avengers: Infinity War before occupying a central stage in a multiverse-centered solo series (streamed with a Disney + subscription). So, of course, fans are now wondering if he will show up Doctor Strange 2 and Thor: Love and Thunder. Hiddleston has addressed the rumors, and while doing so, he humorously evoked other Marvel alum Andrew Garfield.

Given Loki’s massive presence within Thor franchise over the years, it would make sense that Tom Hiddleton’s God of Mischief would show up in Love and Thunder in one form or another. And since Loki lead writer Michael Waldron wrote Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness and influenced the film with its own personal touch, Hiddleston’s character could actually appear there as well. The actor himself remained reluctant with regard to both prospects when asked by our sister side, Total film. However, he boldly promised that he would not try to take a page out of Andrew Garfield’s deflection book:

I live in a question mark. It’s all unknown. You know, I used to think I could predict these things, but I literally have no idea. And I’m not even making an Andrew Garfield! I just do not know.

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