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To Craig Conover, Paige DeSorbo and Kristin Cavallari Crossover Timeline

The Kristin situation has been discussed in several episodes of Cottage at this time, but she has not yet published any of it. Nevertheless, the February 14 episode was particularly enlightening when Paige revealed details of Craig’s alleged lyrics with Kristin.

“I guess she wrote to him like, ‘You’re not making me look like an idiot to her,'” Paige told co-star. Ciara Miller. “And like, ‘If you want her, take her.’ Just do not let me look stupid. “

Craig then referred to Kristin’s July Instagram story of never being in a love triangle with him and Austen. “And he [Craig] was like, ‘OK, but you went on Instagram and lied’, “Paige said.” Like, ‘You can not say you [Kristin] would never date any of us. We’re sorry. ‘”

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