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To be mortal

The movie Being Mortal is the upcoming movie starring Aziz Ansari and Bill Murray. The film will be Aziz Ansari’s feature film directorial debut and stands to be drama. We learn today that production has been suspended due to a complaint against Bill Murray. The news comes from Deadline and reads as follows:

Following the news that the production of the Searchlight film was suspended To be mortal, Sources tell Deadline that the suspension had to do with a complaint filed against star Bill Murray for inappropriate behavior.

It is unknown at this time what Murray’s involvement in the project will be in the future, as the investigation remains active. Insiders add that Aziz Ansari – who co-stars, writes and makes his debut in the film with his partner Youree Henley – was not part of the complaint, and neither was co-star Seth Rogen.

This is really surprising! I do not know how this will unfold, but news confirms that production of the film has stopped. I do not know what impact this will have on the rest of the production, but I am interested in learning more.

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