Tinder scammers Sweet Talk Dates to open their crypto savings with DailyCoin

Tinder scammers Sweet Talk Dates to open their Crypto savings

Being bitten by the love bug can have a different meaning on Tinder, as crypto scammers are pouring into the popular dating network and becoming more creative day by day.

Well-known schemes continue to provide success for scammers

Scammers have used some classic devotional lure techniques to gain access to strangers’ cryptocurrencies – for example, emotional manipulation. The most common method of fraud is called “catfishing”. Initially, the victim is presented with a creative and detailed story. Afterwards, the hacker asks for keys to their victim’s crypto wallets in exchange for nude photos or erotic videos. Of course, scammers typically construct a fake Tinder profile that pretends to be an attractive woman, thereby seducing men into sharing their sensitive crypto wallet information.

Another well-known trick is to use fake Tinder verification. Scammers target Tinder users who are not tech savvy and cannot see the difference between legitimate Tinder verification and suspicious third-party apps. These bad actors send links to their potential victims and say they could easily be verified on Tinder by filling out a quick form with their personal information. Once the form is completed, the scammer can access the victim’s wallets using their name, email, credit card numbers and a list of their most commonly used passwords.

Tinder Crypto scammers are getting good at it

Recently, a story from Texas surfaced about the victim Divya Gadasalli, who said she had lost as much as $ 8 million in crypto, left to her by her deceased father’s property. The suspected perpetrator was Jerry Bulasa, although the person’s real name could not be confirmed. Jerry Bulasa, who is probably a fake identity, managed to drain over $ 8 million from his victim in a matter of a few months. Bulasa used a scam technique called ‘pig slaughter’, whereby he built an emotional connection with the victim and filled her account. Shortly after, he completely emptied her crypto accounts and dropped that poor girl.

The Netflix documentary ‘Tinder Swindler’, which covers the infamous case of Shimon Hayut, tells the story of a swindler who managed to steal about $ 10 million in a few years from several women. It can be said that Jerry Bulasa’s quick and effective scam put the famous ‘Tinder scammer’ to shame.

Being extra careful can save your money

To sum up, crypto-related scams are on the rise, but it could be easily avoided. First of all, people should not be so quick to trust people they have never met. On the other hand, there are already a number of anti-fraud agencies that can help you deal with Tinder scams, but none of them guarantee that you will be able to recover your losses. Finally, the best option is to keep a cool head, not get overwhelmed by emotions and keep your sensitive information to yourself.

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