These are the UK’s highest paying companies for entry-level jobs

Financial insecurity over the past few years has been hugely detrimental to young people at the beginning of their careers, which has made securing a well-paid first job an even greater priority.

Global job site Glassdoor found that Thought Machine, which handles financial transactions, offered the highest salary for a starting job with an average base salary of £ 60,000 ($ 76,409). The average total wage in the UK in January 2022 was £ 596 a week, or £ 30,992 a year, according to the Office for National Statistics.

In its rankings, released Wednesday, Glassdoor identified the companies offering the highest paying entry-level roles by looking at more than 100,000 payroll reports on its website during the year to the end of March, published by both past and present employees. It classified entry-level jobs as roles that required less than 2 years of relevant experience and are non-senior positions.

These results come as Britain struggles with a cost-of-living crisis, with inflation reaching a 30-year high of 7% in March as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has helped drive up food and energy prices. This latest shock to the consumer economy has come amid two years of economic uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in which young people are among the hardest hit.

In fact, more than half of young people in the UK believe that the pandemic has had a negative impact on their career prospects, while a similar proportion believe that there are fewer job vacancies at the beginner level than before the crisis. It shows a separate study from Glassdoor of 1,000 British adults aged 18 to 25, conducted in early April.

So it is not surprising that in the midst of such a challenging economic background, 53% of respondents said that pay was the most important factor when considering where to work.

Technology giant Meta, formerly Facebook, was named the second highest paid company for entry-level jobs in the UK, with a median base salary of £ 57,000.

Financial services firm Macquarie Group came in third with an average salary of £ 55,000 for non-senior roles. In fact, financial services companies accounted for eight of the top 10 highest-paying companies for entry-level jobs.

Glassdoor EMEA economist Lauren Thomas said, however, that “wages should not be the only consideration when deciding where to work.” She cited other findings in the study, which showed that it was a company’s culture and values, as well as its senior management team and the available career opportunities, that maintained employee satisfaction.

Yet here is a list of the companies that offer the best salaries for entry-level roles in the UK

Top 10 highest paying companies for entry-level jobs in the UK

  1. Tanker – £ 60,000
  2. Meta – £ 57,000
  3. Macquarie Group – £ 55,000
  4. Goldman Sachs – £ 50,000
  5. Bank of America – £ 50,000
  6. Deutsche Bank – £ 50,000
  7. BlackRock – £ 50,000
  8. BNP Paribas – £ 50,000
  9. Credit Suisse – £ 50,000
  10. Clifford Chance – £ 50,000

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