These are the most charming little towns in New England, according to


They offer culture and history “with a more relaxed atmosphere and friendly, welcoming people.”

Gingerbread cabins in Oak Bluffs Vincett Dewitt for The Boston Globe

Six small towns in New England are the next level when it comes to charm, according to

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The online travel magazine chose the most charming little town in all of the U.S. states and included Oak Bluffs in Massachusetts; Hancock and New Hampshire; Camden and Maine; New Shoreham and Rhode Island; Essex and Connecticut; and Woodstock, Vermont.

Small towns, like cities, offer culture and historical attractions, according to, but “with a more relaxed atmosphere and friendly, welcoming people.”

Oak Bluffs at Martha’s Vineyard is known for its “unique, vibrant colored gingerbread huts that give the city a history book feel,” the website wrote. “It is also famous for the Flying Horses Carousel, the oldest in the country that has ridden since 1876.”

Hancock in New Hampshire “delivers a veritable time machine into the past,” the website wrote, noting that many buildings along the main street are on the National Registry of Historic Places, including the 1820 meeting house.

The place calls Camden “the jewel of the Maine’s Coast,” where travelers find “sailboats filling Penobscot Bay, while fish restaurants by the water lure.”

Once in New Shoreham, the only town on Block Island, visitors can enjoy “a lazy day sipping your favorite beverage while people watch, go to one of the beaches for a swim, or climb to the top of Mohegan Bluffs for an awe-inspiring ocean view. “

Visitors can ride the old-fashioned Essex Steam Train in Essex, Connecticut, enjoy the scenic waterfront and “play on Long Island Sound or the Connecticut River.”

Finally, Woodstock, Vermont, is beautiful no matter the season, wrote, with picturesque parks and fall that bring “brilliant colors to its winding streets.”

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