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The youth and the confidence in the election

The youth and the confidence in the election
A MAN double-checks his election return after casting his vote on May 9th. – PHILIPPINE STAR / MIGUEL DE GUZMAN

IIt has been about 19 hours since the closure of most polling stations as we write this column on Tuesday afternoon, May 10th. As we write this column, there are reports of both belief in the “partial, unofficial return” and the possibility of Marcos becoming president on the one hand, and condemnations of the results of the presidential and vice presidential statements as incredible and incompatible with ordinary human experience. on the other hand. One of the reasons for the difficulty of accepting a Marcos Jr. presidency is that the only son of Marcos Sr. until now had not explained the details of his device program.

A large number of insightful people have asked what the word “unity” means and how it will be operationalized. It needs to be clarified in clearer terms so that it does not just remain a strategy that his campaign strategists advised him to be his message. Candidate Marcos refused to participate in presidential debates, where some details about each aspirant’s program could be discussed, and where each candidate could answer the questions raised against him / her.

There is therefore a lot of uncertainty and anxiety. This feeling of serious concern is probably reflected in a Viber post sent in the wee hours of Tuesday by a very successful Filipino-born Filipino-Chinese businessman with parents who migrated from mainland China. The businessman lived most of his life in the Philippines, attended Philippine schools, did business with other Filipinos, and generally knows the Philippine psyche and the country’s most important business and political actors. One thing that stands out about this friend is that he has always maintained that the top priority is the economy and that all other concerns are different. His comment: “The war between pink and red will now start. It will be very uncomfortable for all of us financially. If the pink can educate so many people on Ayala, then what should prevent them from doing it again? With all the heavy baggage from BBM, it will be very easy to find a national issue and create EDSA 3. His property tax, past sins of the father (as he is) not responsible. He is completely unacceptable to some groups. “

The commentary, of course, presupposes that the election stakeholders have confidence in the election results as more and more people begin to question the processes and their technological basis.

Just a few hours ago, we saw quite a few youth groups demonstrate in front of the election commission’s offices (Comelec) in Manila and Cebu. I suppose these protests and their variants will continue indefinitely and will even escalate as these protests turn into a movement and pay off street demonstrations reminiscent of the execution after Ninoy Aquino. As pointed out by my friend, it’s easy for those who feel offended to gather a million people. These protests can continue until there are clear explanations of how the automated electoral system works, which unfortunately is not easy to understand for many who are not technically minded. What makes any explanation challenging is that all the processes inside the computers and machines are unseen.

Unless a detailed and truthful explanation is given, the disputed unity will be difficult to achieve, especially in an environment of bias and youth’s desire for pure choice. Points have been raised regarding either statistical improbability or randomness: The voting relationship between Marcos Jr. and Vice President Leni Robredo is uniform in many regions and provinces, even in the different diffcurrent reporting moments. It has been pointed out that if one were to track this reporting, it is oddly enough a straight line throughout the reporting period.

While Marcos Jr.’s call for unity has not been followed by any attempt to reach them in the various opposing camps, the vice president issued a statement on election day that essentially underscores that. “I am aware of the many questions that remain unanswered (about the election count and the results). We have consulted with experts who can thoroughly study all the allegations and posts on social media. At 5.30pm a fair will be held in Naga. I will be there for to express my gratitude to my provincial comrades. A gathering will be held in Manila on May 13 so I can thank all our campaign volunteers. I will be there. We will publish details of the gathering soon. “

While analyzing the honesty and accuracy of the automated choices, far more discussions are generated by the Marcos campaign strategy, which was launched in 2016 when he ran and lost as vice president against Leni Robredo. Some say the Marcos Jr. campaign started in 2010 with Cambridge Analytica and some of its former staff designing the strategy. The overall campaign strategy was to rehabilitate the Marcos era as the “golden age” of Filipino history, while slandering EDSA, Ninoy Aquino and pro-democracy forces. Duterte and the president’s information structure also had the same tactics of belittling EDSA, thus helping Marcoses without even mentioning the Junior as a potential presidential candidate. Certain business groups and political dynasties helped this effort by working with mainstream and social media.

Some have chosen to go beyond the results of the election, campaign strategies, messages, organization on the grassroots and question our electoral system as an option for e.ffin the context of change, where the process has been coordinated by the oligarchs and dynasties working in unison with so many other institutions (ironically the same ones necessary for a healthy and honest democracy), including the media, the courts, etc. Such a commentator is Vergel Santos and here is what he has to say day aftis the choice:

“The future has been co-opted. Elections have become a joke, which is the culmination of the entire system of government. A conviction for the president, not to mention senator number one – what can we expect? The prospect of a government conspiring against us. All this is a consequence of failures across generations.We ourselves have almost lost our chances of redeeming ourselves.The young people are on their own and will have to demand their future for themselves: they will have to establish an alternative institution of popular power, who imposes on the unjust, self-installed dynasty what sanctions they can.fofficial power. I do not know that elections are a fair option now. “

Santos’ words show particular concern for our young people, who are either children or grandchildren of veterans of the 1986 uprising. These young people showed up in droves as volunteers in campaign rallies. They are the raw material for a massive movement that could provide alternatives and the sanctions that Santos is talking about.

So early on, international and local businesses have reacted to the uncertainty. It is imperative that confidence in the election be established. Lack of confidence in the reliability (not just the accuracy) of the results can lead to long-term instability and frightening consequences that do not benefitfit the majority.

Philip Ella Juico’s areas of interest include the protection and promotion of democracy, free markets, sustainable development, social responsibility and sport as a tool for social development. He obtained his doctorate in business from De La Salle University. Dr. Juico served as Secretary of the Agricultural Reform under the Corazon C. Aquino administration.

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