‘The Year of the Dog’ film about Strays: An Alcoholic & His Rescue

‘The Year of the Dog’ film about Strays: An Alcoholic & His Rescue

by Alex Billington
27 September 2022
Source: Youtube

The year of the dog dock trailer

“He’s a sensitive dog, and you’re going to have to be sensitive too. Lean into that connection.” Nova Vento Ent. has unveiled an official trailer for an indie film titled Year of the Dog, which is not a documentary, but a feature based on real events. The film was made by Rob Grabow, who sold his condo and put everything into making this one. He spent years in Alaska working around and meeting people, including a dog sled driver who had a difficult journey with alcoholism and addiction, who largely credited his sobriety to one of his dogs; a high-spirited Alaskan husky. This is the story that has been made into a movie. A lonely alcoholic finds a path to recovery when he meets a stray dog ​​with a unique talent. The stars of the film Michael Spears, Rob Grabow, Jon Proudstar, Alyssa Groenigand Jeff Medley. Awww! Of course it looks wonderful – it’s a dog movie! It looks a little rough around the edges as an indie film, but it has all the heart and soul it needs, especially with an adorable husky leading the way. Watch for this coming soon.

Here’s the trailer (+ poster) for Peterson, McGinn, Grabows’ doc Year of the Dogfrom YouTube:

The Year of the Dog Doc poster

The Year of the Dog is a fictional story inspired by a true story. The story follows Matt, an alcoholic at the bottom who struggles to maintain sobriety. After spending 48 hours in the drunken tank, Matt takes refuge at his sponsor, Fred’s farm, outside a tight-knit Montana town, hoping to get 30 days sober so he can visit his mother in hospice. Short-tempered, stubborn and erratic, Matt discovers a stray dog ​​that he keeps despite Fred’s objections. The dog named Yup’ik, turns out to be a handful and has the same personality as his new owner; he is stubborn, erratic and short-tempered. Although Matt is not equipped to take care of Yup’ik, the dog bonds with Matt and actually ends up helping Matt live and achieve his goals. Year of the Dog is co-directed by filmmakers Michael Petersen, Andrew McGinnand Rob Grabow – everyone gets their debut as a director. The script was written by Rob Grabow, based on a true story. Filmed in Bozeman, Livingston and Paradise Valley The film will premiere at the 2022 Chelsea Film Festival this fall. With a release expected late on 2022 – Stick around. For info visit the film’s official site.

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