The X-Men ’97 Writer reveals whether the animated series is MCU Cannon

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe moves into Phase 4 and beyond, Marvel Studios has opened a branch of its studio dedicated solely to streaming. The outfit debuted its first animated series with What if…? last year, a series that is completely within the canon of the overall franchise. In fact, one of the characters appearing in that animated series is said to be making their live-action debut this week during the events of Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness. Incidentally, on the release list for Marvel Studios is also X-Men ’97a direct continuation of the beloved X-Men: The Animated Series of the 1990s.

Since that series is a sequel, would it still be considered part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? It would then, of course, do The animated series also cannon. According to a comprehensive interview with The Direct, ‘97 lead writer Beau DeMayo says fans will simply have to tune in to the series to find out.

“The one thing I can say about it is that I know we sometimes say, ‘No comment,’ and it’s like, ‘They’re just stubborn,’ Knights of the Moon told the alumnus to the website. “I will go without comments here because part of the surprise will be figuring it out when you experience the show.”

He added: “I can not talk to marketing, but I think there is a certain degree of – you want to ask that question.”

Perennial Marvel Studios producer Brad Winderbaum now serves as director of Marvel Studios Animation, and when we last spoke to him, he said the clothing plans would “blow up the viewer’s mind.”

“I mean, you’re completely unlimited from any kind of rules, which is both the most exciting and the scariest thing about it, because then you have to create your own rules,” he continued. “But I mean, it’s really in many ways the purest interpretation of the imagination of the people behind it. There’s an element of chaos in all things. There’s an element of chaos in animation. Definitely an important factor in live action. Film production is and how things do not go as planned and how you end up with a completely different set of tools than you thought you had in. In an animation you can get to work with this endless canvas where you desires can be achieved. And if you can imagine it, you can do it. If you can dream it, you can do it. “

X-Men ’97 has not yet set a release date.

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