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The whole town in fear of a pair of chihuahuas, so angry a police dog is afraid of it

Other dogs being bullied by the chihuahua in Corsham, Wiltshire, This is a stock photo (Image: Getty)

A historic market town is under siege by a pair of hooligan chihuahuas who have teamed up with other pets.

The two dogs are so uncomfortable that a former German Shepherd dog from the police was attacked by the dogs and is afraid of them.

Another person who went out with his two dogs at 65 pounds was charged by the two dogs running directly towards them in Corsham, Wiltshire.

Councilman Ruth Hopkinson said she has had several complaints about the dogs.

She said: ‘I got a call from a resident who had had a very unpleasant encounter with a couple of dogs in the main street where they were on a leash.

“They were small dogs. The man who called has a former police dog, he is a German Shepherd, then a big dog.

‘There were two nasty chihuahuas attacking the German Shepherd, so the size of a dog does not reflect their aggressiveness.

– This is apparently not the first time they have behaved aggressively.

‘They were not on a leash and the owner thought they were only small, they are only friendly. But you have to be really careful. “

The idyllic streets of Corsham are being terrorized by a couple of chihuahuas

Dr. Jeffrey O’Dwyer described them as ‘bloody Mexican hooligans’, while the council is concerned about livestock.

Cllr Hopkinson said, ‘If you’re in a lamb field, stick to the trails and your dog on a leash. The dogs may just “play”, but that’s not how the sheep see it.

‘When frightened, ewes and lambs can be separated, and (because they are not very bright creatures) they can not find each other, and this leads to lamb death.

‘What happens is that people just take their dogs off the leash and let them do anything.

“Of course we have small children, mother sheep, and they are all flying animals, and I would not say that these dogs necessarily care about the sheep and bite their ankles and that sort of thing.

‘It’s more that they just run wild and scare the sheep – they go in one direction, the lambs go in another, and apparently they sometimes have a hard time finding each other, and the lambs die.’

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