The Wachowski sisters auction off ‘Matrix’ memorabilia to support transgender people

It was not easy to get rid of some of the treasures, Lilly Wachoswki said, including original pieces from some of the most iconic moments from the sisters’ works. But the profits from the auction go to organizations that advocate for and protect transgender youth, a cause that is close to the sisters’ hearts.
Lilly Wachowski tweeted that she and Lana had done some “spring cleaning” when they “happily decided to give some of the best treasures we have collected over the years!”

“no sheets of covenants but some rather large and magical artifacts!” she said.

'The Matrix Resurrections' takes the red pill but seems more like a sleeping pill

Fans of Wachowskis have dozens of limited editions and unique items to browse, such as original artwork, models of famous scenery and some trinkets from Wachowskis’ desks. They are also plenty of rare finds from their Netflix series “Sense8” and the movies “Jupiter Ascending” and “Speed ​​Racer,” with bids starting at $ 30 for some items.

Sales of every item, from the sisters’ MTV Movie Awards for “The Matrix” to the iconic lightning rifle from the first film in the series, will support the Protect & Defend Trans Youth Fund, introduced by Ariana Grande last month. The donations raised by the fund will be distributed among several organizations serving trans people, including the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition and Transanta.
How 'The Matrix' is a trans story, according to Netflix and co-director
Both Wachowski sisters are transgender and have rejected anti-transgender legislation that has been enacted (and sometimes passed) throughout the United States.
Lilly Wachowski, who directed and wrote the first three “Matrix” movies with Lana, said in 2020 that their landmark series is an allegory for transition. The story is about “everything about the desire for transformation” from Neo’s perspective, played by Keanu Reeves. Both sisters came out as trans years after the release of the third “Matrix” movie.
Their series “Sense8” took a more obvious approach to trans storytelling from the perspective of trans character Nomis, played by trans actress Jamie Clayton.

Wachowski diehards can access the auction online. The live auction begins on May 12 at. 11.00 ET.

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