The Wachowski family is auctioning off a stockpile of magic props to support trans youth

There is no spoon, but there are many other cool things.

Lilly Wachowski announced on Saturday that she and her sister, Lana Wachowskidoing a little spring cleaning. their “Raiders of the Lost Ark the storehouse, “as she put it, may not have the ark of the covenant, but it does have” some rather large and magical artifacts. “

For the purpose of the creators of The Matrix have put a wide range of material from their entire careers (and also from their private warehouse) up for auction. Absent bids are currently accepted online, and the big event is on May 12 at. 10 central time. (Wachowski’s stays true to Chicago, always.) The booklet, in fancy PDF format, is available to anyone.

The best part is that the profits go to the Protect & Defend Trans Youth Fund, a charity Ariana Grande debuted on April 1, which will distribute money to 18 different organizations that “advocate for the rights of transgender people in states that are currently targeted by anti-transposition policies.” Grande said she will match the dollar amount up to $ 1.5 million, and with the fund over $ 784,000 before the Wachowski auction even starts, it looks like the number will be reached.

The Wachowskis have 189 topics on offer, and the answers may vary from one Keanu-like “hoof!” to a “what the hell?” (Now’s your chance to get your own IGN Award.) To that end, we’ve researched what’s available, and have determined our top dozen choices, provided we had access to someone else’s Amex Platinum card.

Part 11: The screened “execution helmet” worn by Bae Doona in Cloud Atlas. (Put it on in the club and people will know you mean business.)

Part 30: Gravity boots worn off Channing Tatum in Jupiter is rising.


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Part 36: One of many casting resin and metal weapons from Jupiter is risingbut this one has a rotating cylinder and is most reminiscent of a giant beetle.

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