The Uncanny X-Men (UK) Annual 1992 or # 140.1


There are comics, almost all comic book fans know, there are comic book characters that most everyone knows, there are specific comics, most any comic book reader knows, and then there are the more obscure problems that slip through. What makes obscure comics so interesting and vital is discovering the books that most people do not know have ever been printed, or that top creators worked on “that book” or on “that character.” Obscure comics are fun to find and interesting to know about, but it borders on great reading and awful comics.

An annual hardcover event

The publishing effort of Marvel UK and their quirks, whether it be stories or publishing approach, probably deserve more books dedicated to them. Marvel realized that their publishing efforts could raise far more money by publishing their books outside the United States in other English-speaking countries all the way back to the mid-1960s with Odahams through their Power Comics imprint. Then Marvel UK actually in 1972, followed by Marvel’s first British original creation Captain Great Britain in 1976, created a series of magazine-sized material that only saw the light of day in Britain. With a wide range of primarily reprints, British creators also produced original stories only for British audiences in various ways. Some books had tons of material they could reprint, such as The amazing Spider-Manor Fantastic four. Otherslike Transform, alternated between American reprinted material and British original material. Titles also often got an oversized hardcover annually (roughly the same dimensions as a current one) Marvel Omnibus), but not every year. Some titles also received annual numbers that did not have their own regular title, but which focused on popular characters and reprinted two editions of the original American material and extras, including sometimes original stories. These publishing efforts caught the attention of many readers worldwide, but most of the original material created is not well known and falls into the category of obscure. The Uncanny X-Men (UK) Annual 1992 falls into this category.

The Uncanny X-Men (UK) Annual 1992 cover
The Uncanny X-Men (UK) Annual 1992 cover

Obscure Comics: The Uncanny X-Men Annual 1992 # 1

This 64-page annual, whose number of pages includes the front and back covers, contained reprints of X men (Volume 1) # 139 and # 140, “Something bad coming this way!” and “Rage!”, a classic two-part tale of John Byrne and Chris Claremont.

X-Men # 139 Page 1-2
X-Men # 139 Page 1-2

These two questions returned wolverine to Canada to deal with the mysterious Wendigo he had struggled during his first appearance back in Incredible Hulk # 180 and # 181. It reunited Wolverine with Alpha flightwhich lays the foundation for Byrne’s Alpha Flight series and focuses on the friendship between Nightcrawler and Wolverine. They are two crucial questions regarding Creepy X-Men and led into the famous “Days of Future Past” bipartisanship in the next two issues (though the prologue pages from # 140 have not been reprinted in this annual). In addition to the two issues, other reprinted material is included, most as background or pinup pages:

Page 34
X-Men Mini-Poster by Gary Frank

A “This Book Belongs To …” page takes Wolverine’s central image from the front Classic X-Men # 1 of Art Adams and “recolor” it to his tan costume (along with his face …).

Page 3 / Classic X-Men # 1 cover
This book belongs to…

A “Content” page removes the last page X men (Volume 1) # 17 af Jack Kirby and puts the contents of the book over Magneto, announces its presence to Angel‘s parents.

Page 3

And a pinup page using the front of wolverine # 3 of Frank Miller on page 27.

Page 24
Page 24 / Wolverine # 3 Cover

All of the accompanying material is great X-Men material, but none of it is obscure; in fact, it is very well known and read. The original material included in this annual places it in the category of obscure comics with a whole new narrative and interior art of Gary Frank. This two-page spread opens The Uncanny X-Men (UK) Annual 1992.

Cover papers
Cover papers

The Uncanny X-Men: “Professional Rivalry Part One”

In a story that is a kind X men # 140.1 (can not be The Uncanny X-Men # 140.5 as there is already one that will be covered soon), we get an immediate follow-up on X men # 140 som Storm. Kitty Adorn returns from dance class (as shown in X men # 140) to be greeted by Professor Xavier and Cyclops, Animals, Angeland Ismand in their original blue and yellow outfits. Angel tells Storm and Kitty that the original X-Men are back, and Cyclops adds: “You new X-Men have had your chance to prove yourself, and you have blown it. You have all behaved like amateurs within. fight, and it cost Marvel girl her life. “So now the remaining original X-Men return to their roots to protect Xavier’s dream, so Brand new completely different X-Men is out and left confused as the originals begin to train in The danger room.

Page 28-29
Professional Rivalry Part 1 Page 1-2

Kitty Pryde is in tears; Colossus wished he could comfort her, and Storm thinks it’s all a joke. Angel and Professor Xavier, meanwhile, are happy to have the other three X-Men left, but Phoenix‘s death leaves a great shadow, and Cyclops’ return, along with Beast and Iceman, has seen the three perform very intensely. The professor can also not read their minds, something he rejects as because of his training, but when he tries to gather all the X-Men for dinner. The returned trio continues to behave strangely and strangely, insulting the absent Wolverine and leaving Colossus with a clear feeling, Storm, Kitty Pryde, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and himself are not wanted. Packing in preparation for departure, Colossus responds to a message from Captain America. That Avengers leader informs Colossus that Wolverine and Nightcrawler are likely to be safe, as Alpha Flight has informed the Avengers that their “top secret” mission is coming to an end. The message seems colossus to Colossus, but he pushes the feeling aside and pauses to put a note on Xavier’s desk before returning to packing. Meanwhile, Xavier uses Brain to find new mutants, but decides to pamper himself and look in to all his students; however, when he scanned the returned trio of Original X-Men, “he realized the so-called Original X-Men was not.”

Page 32
Professional Rivalry Part 1 Page 5


The Uncanny X-Men: “Professional Rivalry Part Two”

Returning to Xavier Mansion from their “mission” in Canada, Nightcrawler teleports himself into the mansion with Wolverine close behind. When he explains to Wolverine that he had forgotten his key, Nightcrawler’s humor is quickly ignored as Wolverine smells scents he did not know. Meanwhile, Professor Xavier is surprised by “Cyclops” and then knocked out from behind by another.

Page 56
Professional Rivalry Part 2 Page 2

When Storm explains to Wolverine and Nightcrawler that Cyclops, Beast and Iceman have returned and asked the newer X-Men to leave, Wolverine explains to Storm that he does not smell Cyclops in the mansion at all and that the three different smells in the mansion is not even human. Wolverine sets off to find Professor Xavier, while Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde go to confront the “original X-Men”. Once again, in the Danger Room training, Storm reveals that she knows the “original X-Men” trio are cheaters.

Page 55
Professional Rivalry Part 2 Page 1

Wolverine arrives with a wounded Xavier in his hands, and Colossus realizes why the avenger’s message struck him so strangely earlier, when all the avengers were active in the background of the video, including the beast. When “Beast” attacks Storm, the “original X-Men” trio tries to convince Angel that the newer X-Men are lying, but Angel realizes that he has been a fool and helps attack the deceivers. In the minority and overwhelmed, the “original X-Men” trio surrenders. X-Men demands an explanation of who the fraudsters are, and explains that the trio would rather fess up, otherwise Wolverine will get the answers from them. The trio reveals their disguises and turns out to be so Skrulls. “We came to Earth to fulfill the fate of the Skrull race – galactic dominance. By infiltrating the Earth’s superpower, we thought we could advance that fate.” Satisfied with their response, the X-Men offer to let Skrulls go, to which the three aliens laugh until Wolverine with his claws clarifies that it’s a bad idea to stay. Angel is apologetic to the team and forgiven by the other X-Men, who understand that his recent return has made him more of an outsider than the other members. Storm, Wolverine and Kitty Pryde make it clear that Angel is a member of this team of X-Men and they need him.

Page 59-60
Professional Rivalry Part 2 Page 5-6

The original “secret invasion”?

The Uncanny X-Men Annual 1992 # 1 is a very strange book. Its text history uses an idea that Marvel had done a few times before, such as below Kree / Skrull war in Avengers. Anyway the idea of ​​infiltrating the team is not quite the same, and apart from replacing the members and storing them somewhere, this idea is most reminiscent of Brian Michael Bendis written Secret invasion. The idea of ​​also putting the brand new, completely different X-Men up against the original X-Men had already been done twice at this point in continuity, in X men (Volume 1) # 100 and # 106, however, for different “replacements”, robots in # 100 and mental constructions in # 106.

This Rich Hoskin-written the narrative is useful and fits well into the continuity hook he has chosen, giving us a narrative that can explain Angel’s integration into the team after Phoenix’s death far better, but it’s not a “gem” in X-Men history. A prolific British writer who wrote for many Marvel Kid magazines, as well Doctor Who Magazineand Star wars British comics, he also goes by the pen name James Axler for some of his work. The writing about this tale, however, is not the main reason for getting this annual, but instead checking out the early art of Gary Frank. Wrapped in a cover of Doug Braithwaite (credited at this time as Dougie Braithwaite and known for working with Alex Ross on Universe X and Justice), if you have never read or do not own X men # 139 and # 140, this is a great way to get them and read them along with an accompanying related story with some amazing art by a famous artist from his early days.

The Uncanny X-Men (UK) Annual 1992 Back
The Uncanny X-Men (UK) Annual 1992 Back

Copy off The Uncanny X-Men (UK) Annual 1992 #1 will set you back anywhere from $ 20 to $ 50, depending on condition (Mile High have a copy for $ 200 if anyone wants almost mint), and most copies are shipped from the UK. However, there are few that show up on eBay at a reasonable price in the US. Is it something to get and read? No, even if it’s an obscure cartoon worth reading at the right price.

Final papers
Endpapers by Gary Frank
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