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The UAE receives Eid Al-Fitr in a pre-pandemic atmosphere

The United Arab Emirates is preparing to receive the blessed Eid Al-Fitr in a different atmosphere from the situation of the previous two years, as it has significantly reduced most of the manifestations of movement restriction, especially those related to the establishment of prayer and other social manifestations associated with the holiday such as family gatherings and the capacity of public facilities, constituting an almost complete return to the atmosphere of Eid. Ordinary.

It is expected that the tight control over the daily rate of injuries and cessation of deaths due to Covid for almost two months, and the optimistic atmosphere that accompanied the last few months, and the government’s announcement of the Eid al-Fitr holiday, which amounted to 9 days, will constitute an extraordinary opportunity to spend an extraordinary Eid holiday.

Despite all these positive indicators, the constant facts left by Covid-19 always remain in the foreground, which is at the forefront of community awareness and individuals’ commitment to all preventive measures and measures is the only solution to spend the holiday safely and ensure that no disturbances occur in the light of the epidemic.

Yesterday, the United Arab Emirates announced the protocol for the blessed Eid Al-Fitr, which contained the requirements for the Eid Al-Fitr prayer, as it limited the duration of the prayer with the sermon to 20 minutes with an emphasis on preventing overcrowding and obliging worshipers to wear masks throughout time and apply physical distance between worshipers at a distance of one meter, with the duty to use personal or disposable blanket.

The protocol contained several requirements in connection with the celebration of Eid al-Fitr, including making sure to activate the green traffic during the use of the fort, observe the precautions associated with wearing masks and observe physical distance, especially when one sits with groups most vulnerable to infection such as determined people, senior citizens and residents or people with chronic illnesses.

The United Arab Emirates is preparing for a unique Eid Al-Fitr holiday in an atmosphere of joy and optimism, which, thanks to the wisdom of its wise leadership and the efforts and measures it took in all sectors, was able to control the spread of the pandemic and move on to the recovery stage.

Tourist and entertainment attractions and the largest shopping malls and hotels in the country began announcing a range of activities and special offers on this occasion, while many official and private agencies announced their activities and programs for their celebration of Eid.

In Abu Dhabi, the public will be up to date with a range of artistic and entertainment events aimed at children and families, as the major shopping malls have prepared a set of activities and events for Eid al-Fitr, including entertainment and music shows and raffles for valuable prizes.

Some Arab artists are participating in the Eid Al Fitr celebrations in Abu Dhabi 2022 with their audience, specifically in the Etihad Arena on Yas Island Abu Dhabi.

Dubai will welcome Eid Al-Fitr with events, activities and a festive atmosphere in shopping malls and leading destinations, in addition to artistic and musical concerts.

Eid events and activities in Dubai include artistic and cultural heritage performances and traditional live music in shopping malls between 16.00 and 22.00.

The long holiday (9 days) provides a range of opportunities for families and individuals, as shopping malls, entertainment towns, beaches and parks in all of the country’s emirates are the most prominent destinations expected to increase in demand during the Eid holiday.


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